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I'm trying to find the phrase:"c# "

(programming language) in Evernote.

It looks like Evernote narrows searches when you add alpha numerics after c but ignores other characters.

Is there a way round it?

eg "c"  262 notes found

"ca" 32 notes found


"c#" 262 notes found


I get the similar behaviour in Windows and the web. (308300) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.1.7539), Windows 10 Preview

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For literal searches, punctuation is explicitly excluded. See https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php. See the section on "Matching Literal Terms"


If no advanced search modifier is found in a search term, it will be matched against the note as a text content search. Words or quoted phrases must exactly match a word or phrase in the note contents, note title, tag name, or recognition index. Words in the content of the note are split by whitespace or punctuation. Words may end in a wildcard to match the start of a word. Searches are not case sensitive. (A wildcard is only permitted at the end of the term, not at the beginning or middle for scalability reasons on the service.) Multiple whitespace and/or punctuation characters in the quoted phrase or the note will be compared as if they were a single space. The backslash escape character ('\') may be used to escape a quotation mark within a quoted phrase. E.g.:

Don't really know of any way around this. Definitely would be nice to have the ability to match arbitrary text including punctuation. I'm sure that this has been requested before.

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I get around similar issues like a detective story - find a note containing C# by searching for other terms - client names,  keywords etc - then search on terms in that note to find anything similar;  as you complete each search add a tag "Csharp" (or whatever) to all notes.  Search in future for "tag:Csharp".

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7 hours ago, john123456 said:

A definite weakness in the 'Remember everything' tool.

I disagree - Evernote clearly state what they will,  and will not search for in the search grammar documentation.  There have to be some limits to the variations they can accept.  You could always raise a feature request to have non-alphanum characters included...

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