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Support ticket submission button cannot be clicked due to incorrect footer CSS



The footer on the website has a padding plus a negative margin. This makes it appear at the right position, however it makes it logically overlap the previous content by 100 pixels. The result of this is that it's impossible to create a support ticket (unless you are a web developer and know how to use your browser's devtools) because the click is counted as click on the footer and not as click on the button. I saw this on the contact page but I'd assume that this problem exists elsewhere too.

My browser is Chrome 71 on Windows 10.

[EDIT: This only happens if the cookie "layout" is set with value "tight", which can come from visiting any link on help.evernote.com that has the parameter "layout=tight" in the URL, e.g. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218038988?utm_source=evernote_app&utm_medium=windows&utm_campaign=v6_new&layout=tight - after visiting this link, it will no longer be possible to open support tickets until clearing the browser cookies.]

See screenshot below:


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It's a tricky one. I was trying to reproduce it on a clean browser and there it didn't happen. Turns out, it happens only when the <body> has the class "tight" set (which overrides the bottom padding of the <main> tag that would have made this a non-issue otherwise). Looking though the JavaScript code to see where this class comes from, I can see it is set depending on the value of a cookie "layout". This cookie can be set through an URL parameter apparently (not sure if there are other ways).

So, to reproduce it, visit any page on help.evernote.com once with parameter "layout=tight". My browser history tells me that in my case, that cookie came from this link: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218038988?utm_source=evernote_app&utm_medium=windows&utm_campaign=v6_new&layout=tight (which, according to its UTM parameters, was opened by the Windows app).

After you have visited such a page which had "layout=tight" in the URL, you will have the cookie set, and then you should be able to reproduce my problem on the "new support ticket" page https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

(Summary of the bug: After the Windows app [or possibly something else] opened some kind of help page with the parameter "layout=tight" in the URL, it is no longer possible to open support tickets in the browser until clearing cookies.)

One a side note, I discovered two small other things right now: 1) On help.evernote.com, when logged in, you see "sign out" in the top navbar, but "sign up / login" in the footer, as if you were not logged in - kinda confusing. 2) When pasting a link from the clipbaord here into the discussion forum, its text gets unnecessarily HTML-escaped, which becomes visible with the ampersands. Try it, copy "http://example.com/?a=b&c=d" (from another application as plaintext, not from here because then it's copied as formatted text) and paste it here, and it will become http://example.com/?a=b&amp;c=d (notice the incorrect "&amp;" instead of "&").

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