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Photos not showing up in note list

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This is my first post although I have had Evernote for a few years now and have loved it enough to upgrade to Premium.

The version of Evernote that I have now, (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539). 

I have all of the updates. Whenever Evernotes tells me about a new one I immediately update.

This evening, I have added a few notes to an evernote notebook and while the photos show up on the actual notes, they do not appear on the notes in the note list.

Besides my laptop, I have 2 other electronic devices linked into my Evernote account, I have checked them all and none of the photos are showing in them either.

Is there some way that this can be fixed? I depend on my Evernote account for supply inventories and the photos are a great help to me.

Thank you for any  help you may have on this problem.


Evernote capture of snag.JPG

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Welcome to the Forums! It looks like some appear and some don't, correct? Looks like you're using Snippet view in the Note List. Try cycling through the various options with F5 (or click the second icon above the search bar to select a view). In particular, do Card view or Thumbnail view work any better? Not that this is a solution to not having them in Snippet view, where they should appear.It could possibly be a delay in the complete syncing of photos and thumbnails between the Evernote servers and all the devices.

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