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  1. This is my first post although I have had Evernote for a few years now and have loved it enough to upgrade to Premium. The version of Evernote that I have now, (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539). I have all of the updates. Whenever Evernotes tells me about a new one I immediately update. This evening, I have added a few notes to an evernote notebook and while the photos show up on the actual notes, they do not appear on the notes in the note list. Besides my laptop, I have 2 other electronic devices linked into my Evernote account, I have checked them all and none of the photos are showing in them either. Is there some way that this can be fixed? I depend on my Evernote account for supply inventories and the photos are a great help to me. Thank you for any help you may have on this problem.
  2. I have been an Evernote user since 2012. I use this program on my laptop, my desk top, my Nook Color and my Android cell phone. Yesterday, I decided to go premium. I have synced all of my tech as soon as I got the email from Evernote stating that the transaction was successful. I have both my laptop and the desk top versions of Evernote open and they both still show the promotions in the lower left corner. When I try to close them, the dialog box pops up telling me, Evernote Premium users can choose to hide promotions for distraction-free workspace. Upgrade now to hide promotions and enjoy the other... blah blah blah When I hit the learn more button it takes me to page within the program and in huge letters across the top it says, "EVERNOTE Premium" and "Premium Member since Dec 28, 2013" BUT the ad is still in the corner! I looked on the webpage of my account and it looks different from my machine's program. On the left side of the screen, the only items showing is Shortcuts, Notebooks & Tags, whereas my program shows, Announcements, Shortcuts, Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Atlas, Market & Premium. So my questions to all of you Evernotiacs out there are these: Why doesn't my Evernote programs know it is now a Premium account? How do I turn off those annoying promotions? Why is the Webpage and the program interface different from one another? What is the point of paying for the premium if it doesn't act any differently than the free version? Besides the space, I mean. I love Evernote for many reasons, but for one very important one, I no longer have to carry a huge binder of my inventory into stores when I go shopping for business items. No more double buying for me!! My husband, who is a computer tech/administrator introduced me to it. I am an independent demonstrator for Stampin' Up! and my stamps, ink pads, refills, etc is huge and Evernote keeps it all for me in whatever platform I take into the stores. It helps me keep track of my previous demonstrations and items I made for it so I do not repeat the demo should that person schedule another party. Evernote is such an important tool for stampers and crafters, that we trade our inventories of dies,inks, stamps, etc on the Split Coast Stamper Forum. Any help you can give me on this, I would dearly appreciate. I did put in a question to Evernote, but with the holidays I doubt I get an answer any time soon. Thanks again.
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