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Zappier Checkbox Search

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I want to do what I would think would be simple.  

1. As I create a new note I would like for Zappier to read the note and look for checkbox todo's.  

2. If a todo is found  I would like the text after that checkbox sent to a Smartsheet where I manage Tasks/Todo's


I have emailed the Zappier team and they said that there is a feature request for this item out to Evernote.  If the ENML content can be interrogated by Zappier I do not understand why this has to be a feature request.  


Is there some web code that I can have an outside program like Zappier search with to find checkboxes and then copy the text after the checkbox?  Or is there another reason this has to be a feature request for your API?

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1 hour ago, DrDavis said:

Is there some web code that I can have an outside program like Zappier search with to find checkboxes and then copy the text after the checkbox?

Looks straightforward.  I could do this with scripting on a Mac462438001_ScreenShot2018-12-28at08_59_18.png.9579de5b6d8dde81f05849474cf5d97d.png



Could you provide details on your use od the Smartsheet to manage todo's.

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This is unfortunately far more difficult than it should be, but is possible.  You can use TaskClone to sift your notes for checkboxes and turn those into emails.  Unfortunately, those emails can't go directly to Smartsheet because they haven't implemented that feature (even though their community has asked at least since 2015).  However, there are many services, including Zapier that can parse that incoming email and create a task in Smartsheet.  https://zapier.com/apps/email/integrations/smartsheet

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I used Zapier for a bit but it was not a very good or dependable solution. TaskClone is good but it does not pick the individual item it takes the whole note. 


Everyone who is using Evernote and Smartsheet would love this integration.  Please let Ian Small know that I am waiting to see a video on this one item. 

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Dr. Davis, TaskClone can take the whole note or individual task items.  It works with either one or the other.  I'm the developer behind it and I can assure you it will send individual items as email to anywhere, including Zapier's Email Parser.  

I suspect the Zapier only solution was not successful because the underlying HTML in Evernote notes is not consistent as related to checkboxes so a common filter would not work reliably.

If you interested, sign up for a TaskClone account and the support team can walk you through any difficulties.

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