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Related Results in Chrome - Is this working?

Stacey Harmon

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I have this web-clipper setting turned on, but it does not seem to be working. I am not seeing related results from Evernote in any Chrome search I do. The box doesn't even appear on the right.


I've also had a customer report that it isn't working for them either. Is this a bug? I'm not finding other people reporting this in the forums recently so wanted to ask.

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Taking one of your course and cannot configure the clipper on chrome.  When I click on the clipper, I don't see options as I do on the other platforms and when I try to use settings, the changes appear to be saved - however, there is no save button.  Related results from web searches does not appear, default mailbox is my inbox but, clilps don't go there.  Here is a screenshot of what I see.


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