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Dear Evernote,

I write this with a heavy heart, as I have loved you endlessly but now you seem to have found another and genuinely just lost your way. 

'Spaces' has been a disaster, dear Evernote. It constrains me to work with only those within a shared domain and as you know, in today's world, many of us bring in service providers from outside. So Spaces prevents them from accessing any information at all.

Apart from which dear Evernote, I have repeatedly asked you to make it easier to move from handwriting to typed notes, all within a single note, in exactly the way done in OneNote. But dear Evernote, you don't seem to hear me or maybe, you just choose not to listen....Anyway, you never, ever reach out anymore, so I assume you don't hear.

Evernote, you have broken my heart. But I must move on. So I have moved along to my new friend OneNote who has welcomed me with open arms. I combine OneNote with Google Keep and I get all my reminders in a timely fashion and I can write and type during meetings, all on the same single note page.

So goodbye my friend. And farewell.

Richard Williams


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I'm not a Spaces user, so no ideas on the "disaster" comment; I just don't use the feature.
Also, it's not clear how Evernote "found another", and "lost your way".

Evernote continues to process my data (Mac, iPad, Web) so nothing changes for me.
The editor continues to function well for basic notes.  

>>make it easier to move from handwriting to typed notes, all within a single note

Evernote is not the tool/format I chose for handwriting; I use Notability on my iPad

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