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  1. Dear Ian Small, I just saw your video on the effort to transform the 'editor' and thought it to be excellent, giving much hope to us long-time Evernote disciples. Truthfully, I have threatened to leave Evernote but your recent videos have inspired me to return once again. It really is hard to leave after almost 6-7 years... BUT when changing the Editor, can you PLEASE enable us to enter handwritten notes in and around our typed entries? This is an essential part of working quickly and to have such 'markup' capabilities would really make a great difference. PLEASE give me some hope and let me hear from you on this. Thanks, Richard
  2. I have followed this thread and quite understand the frustration by contributors as the Evernote team makes no effort to either respond or otherwise to recognise the request for an upgrade to handwritten input. Not very customer friendly!!
  3. Dear Evernote, I write this with a heavy heart, as I have loved you endlessly but now you seem to have found another and genuinely just lost your way. 'Spaces' has been a disaster, dear Evernote. It constrains me to work with only those within a shared domain and as you know, in today's world, many of us bring in service providers from outside. So Spaces prevents them from accessing any information at all. Apart from which dear Evernote, I have repeatedly asked you to make it easier to move from handwriting to typed notes, all within a single note, in exactly the way done in OneNote. But dear Evernote, you don't seem to hear me or maybe, you just choose not to listen....Anyway, you never, ever reach out anymore, so I assume you don't hear. Evernote, you have broken my heart. But I must move on. So I have moved along to my new friend OneNote who has welcomed me with open arms. I combine OneNote with Google Keep and I get all my reminders in a timely fashion and I can write and type during meetings, all on the same single note page. So goodbye my friend. And farewell. Richard Williams
  4. Hello both: How can I use Spaces with non-business-domain colleagues when it restricts me from doing so? This is very limiting. I hope to hear from you with suggestions. Richard
  5. I had asked that spaces work with persons & email addresses outside my company or business domain but I have had no response. Working with other contractors and suppliers, it is essential to have this kind of flexibility for Spaces to add value to my Evernote account. As it is, I am finding that other desktop based options become more user friendly than Evernote. It does bring the value of my account into question. Sorry but that's true.
  6. I need to share Spaces with others outside of my business and domain but it does not appear to permit this feature. Please reconsider and enable this capability as the nature of work today requires this. I hope to hear from you soon. Richard Williams Richard Williams & Associates Inc Business User and Evernote Admin
  7. Thank you very much for your help with Ticket# 671266. I still have heard nothing from anyone. Moments ago, I sent EN Support this email: Evernote Support: I am reaching the point of absolute frustration. Non one and I mean no one at Evernote ever gets back to me. Recent issues have been:I struggled with a sync issue from mid June til late July; finally fixed with issue of revamped EN desktop softwareSince the end of July, I have lost all of my old notebooks containing all of my previous files and reference work; And try as I might, I have been unable to regain access to them.I have had the occasional message from your support team but then they go away and I hear nothing further. Is it that you guys have hit a wall and are soooo swamped with complaints that you cannot cope?Last night I submitted a screen shot in support of my quest to regain my previous notebooks. I have had not one single reply from your side.Please don't drive me away by non replies. All that does is make me mad and then I become more determined. But making me mad is also dangerous 'cause it brings up an anti-Evernote surge and the whole social media option which I want to avoid.Please engage me and let's solve this thing together.I hope to hear from you soon.Thank you,Richard Williams
  8. I also 'lost' my Business' notebooks this past weekend, on Saturday or Sunday and have written several appeals to the tech team requesting assistance to no avail. My ticket is Ticket# 671266 . Can anyone offer any suggestions and/or advice on this. I am completely stymied without this information. Help...!
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