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Preview clip size prior to saving the clip.



I bookmark many pages I would have fully downloaded simply because I don't trust the size of the resultant clip.

The ideal solution would display a clip size prior to clipping, and give a choice to clip a smallest, or medium, or full-size web page. The ideal would be in the pop-up elephant button, but an option to set this prior to clipping would be better than the current state of affairs.

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Hi.  I hid your post in the Mac forum on the same topic - added a clip here since it's a little different.  Please don't post twice on the same subject.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum and duplications just get confusing...  If you'd like this post in a different forum,  please just let us know and a mod will be along to move it.

3 hours ago, Harmonz said:

It would be great if Clipper would display the clip size prior to clipping.  It would also be most appropriate to allow a choice to reformat to a SMALL, MEDIUM, or FULL file size. 

DETAILS: So often the file looks simple but one or a few pictures or graphics download to a WAY TOO large file size than expected. Resulting clip is 1 MB. I have had a clip result in 6 MB. That is huge and unnecessary.

So - difficult for Evernote to implement I would have thought: they have no control over the size of image file(s) included with a web page, and offering a choice of clip sizes I'd guess would be more or less impossible.  How would you (or they) know that a 'small' clip from a photographers full-resolution web site would still need 90% compression to get it down below a megabyte,  whereas the same on a blog page would give an illegibly small result?

If clip sizes are causing an issue I'd suggest using different methods to collect content - most web browsers these days have their own page copy options built in,  and there are dozens of third-party options for both desktop and mobile.  Copying the page content to your desktop would at least allow you to use normal image compression options on the file,  and select a smaller size if necessary.  That's so much an individual decision,  dependent on your own size / account / choice requirements,  that I'd be very surprised if there's an 'automatic' option anywhere...

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