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(Archived) Feature Request: Shortcuts


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Would be very cool if you could open evernote with shortcuts, e.g.

Shortcut to List: Create shortcut with custom search string - for example shortcut with Search for tag:bookmark opens up my bookmarks list...

Shortcut to Action: Create Shortcut to create a new (Audio, Snapshot, Text, File)note. Similar to the widget buttons but shortcuts can be moved and added freely.


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I know, but as mentioned, shortcuts would be a good addition. For exampe if you do not have have enough space for the whole evernote widget or you do net need the whope row, you can only add a shortcut to text note for example, taking up only 1x1 and not 1x4...

And the widget does not allow to directly jump into a search... wouldnt it be cool to jave a shortcut launching evernote with search term tag:bookmark so you always have them at your hand?

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Anycut doesn't add functionality that the program hasn't exposed. It's really an easier way to get at some of the less accessible shortcuts for your installed apps. This is still functionality that evernote would have to include itself before a program like any cut could do anything with it.

The correct way for evernote to expose this, once it is added as a feature, is to have it show up under the "shortcuts" menu when you long press on the homescreen. Several apps also have options in their internal settings to "add shortcut to homescreen". The ideal method would be to offer both.

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