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Missing Notes



I've been a loyal Evernote user and evangelist since 2012. Since upgrading the iPhone App to the most recent version, as well as my desktop version to (308094) I am now losing notes that I write on my phone and sync via WiFi. The notes vanish - they don't go to trash, they don't show on recent notes (unclear where this list is anymore), and there is no way to undo the action that might have caused the hiccup. I can't use a tool that I don't have 100% confidence in the sync features (one reason I will forever avoid using Google Drive). Also, I was on a premium subscription for ~$50/year. Apparently my subscription did not renew (without my knowledge), the Premium license is now ~$120/year, and there is this "Evernote Plus" license for ~$50/year with reduced feature set that you can't find unless you click the right link somewhere. All of this is pretty shady and unfortunate. I'm now evaluating alternative, reliable note-taking Apps - loyal customer with years of usage to pissed off App shopper in a few short minutes. Somebody in user retention might want to look into the experience of long-time, loyal, legacy users.

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This has happened to me too. Twice. This time right before my eyes!

Was working on iPhone XR. Added to a note. Toggled dark mode. Note was gone.

Went to MacBook Pro (Mojave), tabbed to Evernote.
Saw the note, there at top of my list, and saw it blink and vanish before my eyes.

This is the second time in a month or two that a note has vanished. The seriously sucks!
WTF Is going on? How can I get my n
ote back?

I agree with Dgro: "I can't use a tool that I don't have 100% confidence in."
I"m a loyal customer with NINE years of usage to pissed off App shopper in a few short minutes.

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I had the same problem: one note disappeared, another one I see twice. Both problems appeared at the same moment. I used the app on a Iphone 5S (was still ios 11.4).
On the webversion of Evernote I see the same. The vanished note is not in my trash either.

I think it is quite worrisome for Evernote that just on the key argument for using cloud applications, namely you will never lose your notes, the applications fails. Hopefully they can fix these bugs in the near future.


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