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(Archived) Tagging lots of notes/keyboard shortcut/maybe feature req?



Hey everyone,

So I have a bunch -- like thousands -- of notes, so far only organized by notebooks. I'm trying to go back and actually make use of the tagging feature to impose a new layer of organization on some of them (probably several hundred).

Does anyone have any tips for doing this quickly? Right now, I'm just going to each note in the mac client, clicking on the tags field, and then just typing the tags in, but it's kind of a tedious process.

One thing that would be really nice, that would make this go a lot quicker, would be keyboard shortcuts for:

1) moving directly to the next note in the notebook

2) getting the cursor into the tags field.

are there already such (undocumented) shortcuts? If not, color this a feature request :-)

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I use the Windows Evernote client program and try to use the keyboard as much as possible. Hopefully some of the following steps will work on the Mac.

Editing tool bar toggled off

Note Info F8 toggled off

Moving directly to the next note - I think you will have to do that with your mouse.

After clipping a web article, creating a new note, or pasting in document:

1. F2 - edit the title, then tab

2. Tab to notebook dropdown list, enter the 1st letter of the notebook (p for Politics), then tab

3. Enter the first few letters of the tag, hit enter to accept, repeat for 2nd tag, etc, then tab 3 times to the body of the note.

By the way F3 takes you directly to the tag entry area.

(I hope these steps work in Macs)

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With thousands of notes, don't try to push yourself too hard.

First, get them in Evernote and keep them in a dedicated sync'd notebook to work on.

Here is a method to do some fast tagging.

Let's say I want to find all notes that contain Obama but are not tagged Obama.

I run a search for Obama -tag:Obama

Then I select all the results and drag them over the Obama tag.

They are all tagged correctly in the flash of an eye.

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You can drag notes onto labels to apply that label to them…drag the thumbnail onto the label.

This also works if you select a group of notes, perhaps using Shift+click or Command+click.

A backlog of so many notes will take some time, but once it's done you'll be really happy.

I recommend doing x number of notes each day, or spend x amount of time each day. Just 5 minutes each day, you'll be done with all of it pretty soon.

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