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Scansnap Double side scan setting



Few years ago, I mailed to CS about the option of "Double side Scanning" for a EN ScanSnap.  But nothing changed

Really, the ScanSnap is very clever, it can auto detect and ignore the blank page when saving.  However, as the concept of Eco-Protect, double-side using of papers is very common in office.  Right now, it need to click to press 6 times mouse to change the setting double side or single side on Mac (I don't know Win).  It is very inconvenience for a heavy user to setting time to time, may be up to 10 times a day.  (I scan all my documents to EN as my online documents management too, I scanned 17 thousand pages since I bought the scansnap 4-5 Years before).

Suggested to put this setting on the top level of menu.  But CS replied that, the menu setting is for new user.  First, I doubt that a new user will buy Evernote ScanSnap? Second, it can have many ways to simplify it, like using hotkey short-cut, add a quick option on the top level of menu, or as most of the scanner driver, have different mode for novice & expert, etc.

Looking for any supporters to push EN make the improvement.



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7 小時前, CalS說:

You can't create you own profile for double sided scanning using ScanSnap manager or the equivalent?

Yes, But what I want is easily switching between Single or Double sides scanning when need.  Because this need is changing when I scanning every document, depend on actual situation.

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