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Google TTS seems like it's limited to specific apps - of which AFAIK Evernote is not one.  There are other TTS apps that apparently can read content from a URL or a highlighted page.  If you're wanting a series of notes to be read aloud,  you may have to copy and merge them to get a long enough text.  I have no practical experience of any of the above.  Searches should get you more.

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Gazumped, thanks for the answer. I use MoonReader (Android) to listening ebooks by TTS. This is great feature to listening the text. This will be great that Evernote can use TTS. After some time, maybe? Now, every time I have to prepare separate text file with notes and import them to MoonReader. This spend a lot of time and isn't flexible. This is impossible to stop the car, export again new set of notes to separate text file and import them to MoonReader. This will be grate just to tap button "Read note".


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