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Issues with tables and checkboxes in 7.5.2

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These issues seem to be related, so I'll mention them in one topic.

I create notes that contain embedded HTML table tags. They worked great in many previous releases. I was able to resize them in EN for Mac by dragging the column borders. Now when I first open such a note, the table is displayed quite narrow and sometimes cannot be resized by dragging. In those cases I used the new "Update table" option which seems to work but is an extra step. Nit sure why it is only needed sometimes.

These tables include, in some cells, lists of names with checkboxes next to them. (The layout is for meeting minutes, and the names are the people who were invited. So I can just check them off as they join the meeting.) Now in EN for Mac 7.5.2, checkboxes do not work consistently. If I try to add a checkbox in a cell, other checkboxes randomly disappear. Even if my cursor is outside the table, clicking the checkbox icon to try to add one affects checkboxes in table cells.

Pressing Return or Ctrl-Return in a table cell used to add a line within the cell. Now it adds a column!

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Hi.  Evernote have changed the way they show tables,  which presumably is why they no longer conform to your requirements.  Also - as you've found - tables behave 'oddly' at the best of times.  The company seem unwilling to spare the resources to improve the situation,  and it is most unlikely to change in the short to medium term.  I'd suggest your best bet would be to use a word processor to create a table template and copy/ paste that into a note,  or worst case create your meeting notes in a WP app and add the fully completed final table to a note.

As you're a subscriber,  you'll be able to report these issues to Evernote Support (we're a -mainly- user-supported Forum) on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if the support link won't work for you.  

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