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  1. I am on Mac Catalina, running EN 10.13.4-mac-ddl-public (2607) and I have seen the problem less frequently, but it still occurs.
  2. Evernote for Mac, 10.7.6-mac-ddl-public (2321) on MacOS Catalina. May have failed on a previous version. I selected 10 notes from a notebook, then choose from the menu Note > Open in New Windows. They all open up. One at a time, I highlight a Note window and type Command-P. In the print dialog I choose PDF > Save as PDF. I enter a unique file name and save the PDF. All 10 PDFs have the same content: the text from the first Note window. I can easily duplicate this error. If I open one Note at a time and print it, the correct content is included. This *may* have been failing in a previous version. It failed in whatever version I was running on Feb. 9 when I PDF'd 10 files and emailed them to a colleague, who just notified me of the problem today. I recently upgraded to this version due to the separate "blank window" bug, but I do not know whether I upgraded before or after Feb. 9.
  3. I recently received notice of an update. Unfortunately I am still seeing the blank note issue on Mac Catalina 10.15.7. In fact, it's slightly worse. I tried to capture the version information, and the About Evernote panel was also blank. After restarting Evernote, my notes appeared, and the version panel was populated with: 10.7.6-mac-ddl-public (2321) Editor: v117.1.15008 Service: v1.27.2
  4. I think the two symptoms are related. When the daily "what's new in 10.5.7" popup appears, it may be hidden behind other windows. While it is displayed, notes appear blank. When I discover and close the popup, the notes return to normal appearance. The remedy of restarting OneNote may be coming about because the popup is hidden. If we don't see that popup, and see no other way to make the notes visible, we restart.
  5. When I want to move a Notebook to a Stack, I can never remember how. There are several places (I found 7) where intuitively there should be ways to move a Notebook, but only 2 of them actually exist. Left panel, the Notebook tree: Can't drag a notebook Right-click on a notebook does not have a Move option Right-click on a Stack name does not have much Middle panel, when a Notebook has been clicked in the left panel: Can't drag the title of the Notebook Three-dot menu has a Move choice but it's grayed out. At this point I go look at the online help. In the left panel, the Notebooks tree, one has to click on the Notebooks collection name. That brings up an alternate Notebooks tree in the right panel. One has to single-click the Notebook to move and then: CAN drag the Notebook there CAN click on the three-dot menu and there's an Add to Stack choice. Clicking on the Notebooks collection name is the LAST thing I would intuitively think to do. Thanks.
  6. These issues seem to be related, so I'll mention them in one topic. I create notes that contain embedded HTML table tags. They worked great in many previous releases. I was able to resize them in EN for Mac by dragging the column borders. Now when I first open such a note, the table is displayed quite narrow and sometimes cannot be resized by dragging. In those cases I used the new "Update table" option which seems to work but is an extra step. Nit sure why it is only needed sometimes. These tables include, in some cells, lists of names with checkboxes next to them. (The layout is for meeting minutes, and the names are the people who were invited. So I can just check them off as they join the meeting.) Now in EN for Mac 7.5.2, checkboxes do not work consistently. If I try to add a checkbox in a cell, other checkboxes randomly disappear. Even if my cursor is outside the table, clicking the checkbox icon to try to add one affects checkboxes in table cells. Pressing Return or Ctrl-Return in a table cell used to add a line within the cell. Now it adds a column!
  7. Keeping this alive... this is a huge negative for Evernote. I used to use it for everything, but now if I need to encrypt screen shots from a sensitive meeting I need to use another product.
  8. Just upgraded to EN 7.5 457109 Direct. I have many notes that contain Tables, e.g. my Meeting Minutes have a table at the top with attendees, date, etc. In both the notebook view an when the note is opened, the table is formatted very narrowly and does not resize automatically, making them difficult to read. I see an option Upgrade Tables, which makes them resizable, with more dynamic options etc. Is there any way to select multiple notes or a whole notebook and have Upgrade Notes applied automatically?
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