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  1. When I want to move a Notebook to a Stack, I can never remember how. There are several places (I found 7) where intuitively there should be ways to move a Notebook, but only 2 of them actually exist. Left panel, the Notebook tree: Can't drag a notebook Right-click on a notebook does not have a Move option Right-click on a Stack name does not have much Middle panel, when a Notebook has been clicked in the left panel: Can't drag the title of the Notebook Three-dot menu has a Move choice but it's grayed out. At this point I go look at the online help. In the left panel, the Notebooks tree, one has to click on the Notebooks collection name. That brings up an alternate Notebooks tree in the right panel. One has to single-click the Notebook to move and then: CAN drag the Notebook there CAN click on the three-dot menu and there's an Add to Stack choice. Clicking on the Notebooks collection name is the LAST thing I would intuitively think to do. Thanks.
  2. These issues seem to be related, so I'll mention them in one topic. I create notes that contain embedded HTML table tags. They worked great in many previous releases. I was able to resize them in EN for Mac by dragging the column borders. Now when I first open such a note, the table is displayed quite narrow and sometimes cannot be resized by dragging. In those cases I used the new "Update table" option which seems to work but is an extra step. Nit sure why it is only needed sometimes. These tables include, in some cells, lists of names with checkboxes next to them. (The layout is for meeting minutes, and the names are the people who were invited. So I can just check them off as they join the meeting.) Now in EN for Mac 7.5.2, checkboxes do not work consistently. If I try to add a checkbox in a cell, other checkboxes randomly disappear. Even if my cursor is outside the table, clicking the checkbox icon to try to add one affects checkboxes in table cells. Pressing Return or Ctrl-Return in a table cell used to add a line within the cell. Now it adds a column!
  3. Keeping this alive... this is a huge negative for Evernote. I used to use it for everything, but now if I need to encrypt screen shots from a sensitive meeting I need to use another product.
  4. Just upgraded to EN 7.5 457109 Direct. I have many notes that contain Tables, e.g. my Meeting Minutes have a table at the top with attendees, date, etc. In both the notebook view an when the note is opened, the table is formatted very narrowly and does not resize automatically, making them difficult to read. I see an option Upgrade Tables, which makes them resizable, with more dynamic options etc. Is there any way to select multiple notes or a whole notebook and have Upgrade Notes applied automatically?
  5. I updated my post with a link to an annotated image of the comparison.
  6. The 6.0.2 version looks like it should help out those of us who are still on Mavericks (and I think there are more of us than Evernote does). In the image here I compare 5.7.0 on Mavericks, 6.0.1 on Mavericks and Yosemite, and 6.0.2 on both as well (taken from VM's running under Parallels). I think the shock I experienced when upgrading to 6.0.1 on Mavericks was due to three factors: 1. 6.x imposes the Yosemite motif, which I had not seen before. The UI elements in Y are much simpler than those in M, to the point of being crude. They are smaller, no longer three-dimensional (no outline shadows), etc. For example, the previous and next icons now look like thin less-than and greater-than signs instead of filled-in arrows. And so on. The net effect is that everything is a little harder to spot quickly. 2. 6.0.1's choice of colors was just too narrow. 3. My external monitor on my work computer was not calibrated well, making everything brighter and washed-out. Now that I see it on the internal Retina display of my work MBP, and compared it to my home external and home internal non-Retina MBP, I see that one monitor needs to be tweaked. Combined, those three factors made 6.0.1 on Mavericks on my work external display nearly intolerable. Thanks to the 6.0.2 upgrade, and learning more about monitor calibration, I'm hoping I can make 6.0.2 work well when I get back to the office on Monday. It seems that Evernote was already working on 6.0.2 a few days ago when this storm erupted, so I thank them for getting it to us so quickly. Unfortunately it has given me a glimpse of how Yosemite will look when I finally upgrade my real machines. There are lots of reasons to upgrade to it, but I think the user interface is a definite step backward. Up through Mavericks, OS X has had an increasingly sophisticated-looking UI. Now both IOS and OS X have dumbed-down interfaces which may have helped performance, but IMHO did not help the users. ** Updated to point to a tinypic here instead of uploaded document... hope this works... unable to upload a big enough file to be legible. Green arrows indicate sophisticated / textured / easy-to-read UI elements. Yellow arrows indicate less-easy-to-use UI elements or those starting to look flat and simple like Yosemite. Red arrows indicate UI elements that are small, thin strokes, or too little contrast.
  7. I have reverted to 5.7.2, following the export-delete-import instructions posted elsewhere.
  8. See the attached screen snippet. I've pointed to several visual cues that used to help the user get oriented and quickly find things. All of these cues have either gone white or have been reduced to thin gray lines that are hard to see without searching. 1. The currently selected note was highlighted. 2. The Evernote window was distinguished from the Mac desktop background. 3. The document panel was distinguished from the note list panel. 4. The note frame was distinguished from the note. All of these and other UI elements help the user work quickly and easily in the app. The new UI makes all the data elements blend into each other. Plus it's just too white, leading to eyestrain.
  9. I agree with the posters complaining about the brightness and blandness. I understand that may be due to conflict between changes designed to move forward with Yosemite, not playing well with Mavericks. Maybe the testing was insufficient on Mavericks... maybe the test results were ignored. For whatever reason, the resulting display is terrible. Very hard on the eyes. Little contrast to help distinguish the different panels of data. As another poster stated: this is the first time I've tried calibrating my monitor to accommodate an app... unfortunately it did not help. I really hope EN will admit this was an error and roll back the interface changes as much as possible. I'm strongly considering reverting, though I see that is a multi-step process due to the database conversion.
  10. On Mavericks, only the first two options are available. The transparency option is not present. On Mavericks, the Enhance Contrast slider actually makes things worse. After just a few notches, the smaller text disappears entirely.
  11. Here is a mostly empty template that anyone could customize. It includes lots of blank lines because it's easier to delete rows than add them. Note that most tasks are monthly but some are quarterly. Enjoy. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s176/sh/7e8a352d-3682-41b2-9bb7-fc629dcce91d/59bc3b3f072203e1cc743d26efca0cc0
  12. Interesting... that has not been my experience. I use EN on my personal and work MacBook Pros (one a hard drive, the other an SSD), on my iPad, and my iPhone, and have excellent speed when starting up, creating notes, switching between notebooks and notes, and searching. Occasionally I have to tell it manually to sync, but other than that it's pretty snappy.
  13. As treasurer of an organization, I need to ensure certain things are done very month. In EN, I created a table and populated it with checkboxes. (Yes, pasting each one by hand. Tedious, but it worked.) See the attached screenshot. I placed narrow empty columns between each quarter to help me keep my bearings further down, since tables don't have repeating headings. No, there's no advanced "checklist" functionality - it's just a way to keep track of what's been done, to help ensure consistency month-to-month.
  14. EN 5.4.2 (402146) on Mac I double-click on a Note to edit it in separate window. I make several changes to contents of a table. I choose File > Print Note... and print to a real printer. The printed Note is as it was before my edits. If I close the window and open it again, then print, the printed Note includes the changes. Seems like a buglet to me.
  15. I have a nice AppleScript for turning an Outlook meeting into a "meeting minutes" form in Evernote. When I'm done with the meeting, I'd like to use Share > Email Note to send the minutes to all attendees. I know how to get the email addresses for the Organizer, Required Attendees, and Optional Attendees from Outlook. But there's no way to script the Email Note function and load the list of email addresses into it. As a workaround I might script Outlook to get the note content from the Note... that's a bit more work, and Outlook is not very well-behaved with scripts.
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