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"Click to Add a Tag" line missing from Note header

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I had the above problem: The  "Click to Add a Tag" line was unexpectedly missing from the  Note header. I could find nothing in the forum or Help, or online to rectify this. Eventually I discovered that there is a 'switch' in the view menu: "Show Note Info (f8)" - clicking this brought up the missing tagging line and doing it a second time brought up another line of info about the note including 'Created by', Location, Source URL, etc. Clicking a third time dismissed all this helpful stuff.  Can the Evernote team please give this important issue a mention in the help section -  thanks Guys! Perhaps add the word 'Tagging' to the View menu item ( "Show Tagging & Note Info (f8)") This would make it more likely discoverable.

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Hi.  Which OS / version of Evernote?  I have "Editing Toolbar - F8" in my View menu,  which adds/ removes the font and style bar that you may have seen.  I don't have any way to remove the header information,  which includes the Add tag... field.  I'm on the latest Evernote beta 6.16.1 but I don't remember this changing...

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