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  1. tags appear to be hidden at the bottom centre of the web screen now
  2. I have exactly the same problem on the iPad Air and the iPhone 6 with the latest iOS and Evernote versions. The app is effectively useless. I flagged a ticket# 866629 with premium support on 11 Dec and have yet to hear from Evernote. I too have tried all the proposed solutions you mention without any resolution. Twiddling my thumbs in the meantime.
  3. It crashed 5 minutes after opening. It seems to have extreme difficulty performing any search (a few minutes to look for a keyword). Is it still indexing?
  4. This appears to be a continuously unresolved issue. Working on the iPad evernote app. Just rolled back to data from a note I was writing an hour ago. History only has the original note and the additional comments from 30seconds ago. just not the hour of work in between.
  5. You will also need to trash the old version of evernote manually, and force trash to empty (insists its still running) before you can install the new version, otherwise you'll be stopped by "evernote helper is in use" and "resources are in use" messages.
  6. I am facing the same issue. all 4300 of my pdf's have failed to index. I had to kill the evernote app and relaunch to be able to hit the help key.
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