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Web Clipper - missing embedded video links

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Hi all, I read pages on the web that do "film study" of plays in sports - so imagine it's a bunch of text, maybe a graphic or two, with probably 5-10 videos embedded throughout the article. I checked the source for the web page, and these videos, which show as an image with a "play" button in the middle, are actually an https: link to an mp4 file on the web site that is behind a paywall (subscription based news service).

My problem is when I use the web clipper to save, in any format (article, simplified article, full page), I get the image, but no link to the video. I did not see anything in settings that could be influencing this. I am logged in to the service and I get the rest of the article fine, so it's not an authorization issue.

I have read how some want the video embedded in the Evernote note, which is not supported I think - I don't need that - I would be happy with the link for each video, so I could click on the mage in my Evernote note and jump to the video. There are too many embedded videos per article I want to save, usually, to do it by hand somehow. I would think this is supported, how do I do it?


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Hi.  That sounds like an authorisation problem imposed by the website.  Is it possible to create a bookmark in your browser to go direct to the video?  If so,  you should be able to save the URL in Evernote.  The site may have blocked that in coding the website though,  because they require all visitors,  getting there by whatever means,  to go through their paywall verification.

As a possible alternative,  is there any sign on the web page that you can 'share' one of these videos to someone else?  You may be able to use that share link to add to a note.

You might also have a word with the support team for the website and ask them if there's a way to share videos from the site.

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Thanks for the reply, @gazumped! I don't think it's an authorization problem, for a couple reasons - first, only about the first 2 paragraphs can be seen without a login, and I get all the text. But more definitively, I can take a link to a video, and bring it up in a VM with a browser that I am not/have not logged in with, and it plays (they are only about 10 second videos). Here is one, it's a 9 second video of the Los Angeles Lakers, see if you can view it. I broke this up into three lines before I pasted it, as the first time I put it here it showed up as it does on the web page with image and play button, and I wasn't sure that was a valid test - so combine these 3 lines into 1 URL to view it:






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4 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hmmn.  I got a 6 second video,  so the URL seems to work...  Any chance you can Ctrl+K the image in your note and embed the URL to create a link?

6 seconds sounds right - I thought it was 9. I could try doing it manually, but any given article will have 10-15 of these videos, so it's really cumbersome to do that. It should work, right? 

I notice even if I copy a selection from the web site, text on either side of the video, and paste it into an Evernote note, it pastes everything but eliminates the video in any form - even an image.

I have tried using Web Clipper on Mac/Safari, Chrome/Windows 10, and I have tried just copy and paste into an Evernote note from Edge/Windows 10. None even leave an embedded link in the note! Is this proper?

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1 hour ago, Don0819 said:

Is this proper?

What can I say - some HTML pages are more difficult to clip accurately than others...  You're a subscriber,  so you could send the page URL to Evernote Support on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if the support link won't work for you) to see what they say.  Since you can manually get the links it shouldn't be too hard a job to paste them into the note either as just links,  or by adding them to the image.  I appreciate it would be much faster to just clip the page elements that you need,  but them's the breaks for the moment.  Can't think of anything else that would get the job done more effectively - if Evernote can update the Clipper so it can read that page code,  then maybe in a few months you might be able to do it faster;  but right at the moment WYSIWYG.

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