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Ringcentral and Glip integration?

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I am a new RingCentral Office Premium account holder and was super excited to see an Evernote integration with the Glip app.  As a former Slack user, this was a big plus for me.

Bad News:  the integration has never worked since being a customer for over one month.

When I attempt to share a file in Glip and select Evernote, here is what I see:

{"error":{"message":"An unexpected server error occurred.","code":"server_error","should_retry":true,"http_status_code":500,"details":"API server failure"}}

My account rep has told me the problem has been escalated only no solution so far.  Has anyone experienced this issue? 

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Hi.  That looks like maybe Glip is trying to sign in to your Evernote account but the process has changed and Glip hasn't yet been updated.  Nothing much anyone can do from the Evernote side - I'd suggest you chase it with your account rep to see what Glip are doing.

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Thanks for your insight, @gazumped.  My guess was it had something to do with signing in when zi saw API in the code.  I will continue to ask my account rep until this is resolved.  The integration will help tremendously and I am hopeful that RingCentral will be able to resolve it soon.

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