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Anybody using a Samsung Note9?

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Hi.  I'm on a Note 4 which can sync S-notes when I can be bothered.  AFAIK Evernote doesn't claim to import S Notes and it's a third-party product - what do Samsung say about it?

The usual questions would apply if there are no other options -

  • what can you export Note 9 S notes as - text / excel / html ??
  • how many have you got
  • is manual copy/ paste out of the question?


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Note 8 User here. If you are talking about the automatic sync between Samsung notes (screen off memos) and Evernote, there's a thread about that. It won't work. The old s note app supposedly still syncs automatically

Samsung notes should however be able to sync manually with Evernote via export (pdf/picture...).



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I was referring to S notes not Samsung notes.  Also full fledged notes not memos, stickies or screen off notes.  Up until yesterday,  S notes would sync with Evernote's android but not Evernote PC.  I don't know what changed,  but today they were all present.  Strange. 

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I also have Galaxy Note9. When notes were transferred, the formatting tools disappeared.

I submit a ticket surrounding the lack of formatting tools; I see that it's been "resolved." However, I don't seem to be able to view the resolution. I have tried selecting the resolution ticket number, the word "solved," and the ticket subject, all w/o success. I have also asked for the resolution via an email since I wasn't able to view it. Unfortunately, my email request was ignored. It's certainly disappointing.

I have not run into any other problems w/Evernote Plus on Galaxy Note9.

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