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Sync local notebooks manually?

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Most of my notebooks are synced through EN web. But I do have some local notebooks that I don't want to put online.

So what I am doing now is to manually sync (copy) the database folder to other computers.

The local notebooks do appear in each of my computers.

The only problem is that every time I overwrite the database folder, I need to type my password when starting EN. It says I need to enter password in order to sync.

I wonder if there is any other problem besides the need to enter password each time.

And , is there any way to manually copy only the local notebooks, instead of copying the whole database folder?

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Windows? Mac?

In Windows, if you export each local notebook to Evernote format (.enex), then you can import them into a different account. But this is *not* a sync operation; you'll need to delete the local notebooks that already exist on the 2nd machine before you import the new versions.

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Hi.  If this is Windows,  the local notebooks are part of the same database as everything else;  so the EXB file is easily transported but you need to take everything each time.  You do need to be especially aware that changes to local notebooks are NOT SYNCED so if you change something on device B,  you have to copy that version of the database back to device A to keep the changes.  I did this sort of thing for a while with two computers,  but it was alarmingly easy to make changes on the 'wrong' device that were copied over when I brought the thumb drive around again.  I reverted to my local notes being kept only on one computer.  ?

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