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pasting tables from word puts it in a highly unreadable format in Evernote

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When I copy and paste a table from Word to Evernote, it not only does not retain the table format but shows up in the most unreadable format possible, sometimes showing one single narrow column of the entire table.

Am I the only one facing this crucial issue?

I saw a couple of threads in my search.  None of them had solutions, except one.  That one had a workaround didn't make sense in terms of time wasted.

Has anyone figured out a really good workaround or does anyone know if EN is working on it?

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12 hours ago, CalS said:

What version are you using?  I just created a test table in Word, highlighted the cells and pasted into EN.  Seemed to work.


That's interesting! My version is 

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3 hours ago, kkrathi said:

That's interesting! My version is 

Same here, with Word 2010 and Windows 10 Pro.   I did a drag across the cells to highlight for the copy. 

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