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Better integration of pen/photo/text



A little while ago, after acquiring an iPad Pro, I integrated Notability into my workflow. I really like the way this app integrates all writing with photo’s, text typing, integrating documents and recording audio. To me it feels like an functionality Evernote is missing. So, the next feature I would love to see is a full integration in an Evernote document of text, audio, photo’s and pen writen documents similar to the Notability functionality. 

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I don't think you'll see such full integration, unless Evernote converts to a proprietary format.
The existing enml/html format doesn't support this.

I'm a Notability fan too.  I save my documents in Evernote in pdf and native format.
I'm comfortable using external editors when I need extended features.

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I understand that expecting Evernote to be notability is a bit too much but maybe the ability to enter text typing when sketching? Text recognition is all good but I still prefer a lot of times to just type my texts and yet I’d like to draw arrows and staff between them. I have my workaround for that but being able to use an integral tool could be great.

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