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Unable to open multiple notes

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After the most recent update, I can no longer work on more than one document at a time. I open one document, bring it in a new window, and then go to reference another document, then the original note closes. Any help with this would be great. This is not helpful. I use evernote to manage my day at work and this is making it difficult to work within the software. 

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I'm having the same problem. For years I've worked with EN by having multiple notes opened to full screen and then swiping between them. Now I can't seem to do that? As Justin stated, when I have a note open in a window, then try to open another note in a second window, the first note is closed automatically.

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I have disocvered how to open multiple windows at once! After trying to download and install as many old updates as I could, I tried just opening Evernote to the main page (desktop version 7.8) and not expanding it to fill a full window. Then I was able to expand the single notes (as many as I wanted!). THANK GOD. This image below is an expanded view (by pressing F3). But you get the idea. Just don't fully expand the main Evernote page. 


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I just updated my mac that was outdated by a few years and I'm SO UPSET to find this issue.

I always work with my main evernote page on full screen and ALWAYS have multiple notes open for lists.  Very important for my workflow


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