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  1. @DTLow - that script seems to work for the most recent note (I added a few test notes with long titles) but it's not adding tags beyond the most recent note. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Wow, thanks DT. I actually asked one of my kids who is studying Python to work something out like this earlier today. I've never used Applescript before, and certainly not to script EN. But I'll give it a go!
  3. Unfortunately, they didn't provide me with a solution, apart from trying to export, getting an error, find that note, change the title of that note - then repeat. So far I've had to change the titles on 20 notes and I'm still going. Only 17,000 notes to go. A script to sort notes by size of the titles would be handy.
  4. Just reporting back on this issue. After working through it with Evernote Support for a few days, it seems to be related to a character limit on note titles. "This issue with titles being larger than 246 characters running into export issues relates to how Evernote writes files to disk and titles longer than this limit would create folders with names longer than the file system allows." Apparently I'll have to go through all of my notes and reduce the size of their titles.
  5. I submitted a support ticket four days ago but haven't heard back yet. Does that sound unusual?
  6. HTML export works on some of my smaller notebooks, but it fails with the larger ones (that have thousands of notes). ENEX export works on the larger ones, but that's not very useful for importing into Zoho Notebook (as a backup in case EN goes belly-up). Each time I try to HTML export of the larger notebooks, it gives me a new note that it says is the problem. I delete / move one note and it gives me another as the cause. Feels like HTML export struggles with Notebooks over a certain size.
  7. I'm trying to backup my 17000+ notes by selecting them all and exporting them. But I immediately get the error "Unable to save HTML to disk." It doesn't matter which disk I ask it to save to (so it's not a disk error). Anyone else seen this or have an idea for a resolution?
  8. So it looks like this bug still hasn't been fixed? I'm still getting it in 7.5.1. Anyone else?
  9. Anyone else finding 7.5 is crashing a lot? Crashed on me every couple of minutes this morning while taking notes. And then crashed again when I tried to create an Activity Log to raise a support ticket.
  10. Thanks, will do. Also sent them a support ticket.
  11. Anyone else finding 7.5 is crashing a lot? Crashed on me every couple of minutes this morning while taking notes. It's a good thing I installed Zoho Notebook over the weekend preparing for the apparent failure / fire sale of Evernote, because I ended up using that instead to take meeting notes.
  12. Thanks Ed and DT. I re-installed it on the weekend, so I'll keep testing it this week and see how it goes. Good to know it's not a new feature and my experience seems to be unique.
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