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  1. Can confirm. I had to go through this process twice because the first time I neglected to pay enough attention to "check every box" in App Cleaner. Once I repeated the process and ensured every box was checked (there was one relating to spotlight waaaay down the bottom), I haven't had the error for over 24 hours, which is a relief.
  2. I've had this problem now for ten weeks. So much for the new Evernote leadership making big changes to customer support.
  3. Both issues are mentioned in that thread. I've been having the spotlight issue for weeks. But yes, you're right - has not been fixed.
  4. This issue has been ongoing for several weeks. See: No fix for it yet as far as I know. Happens to me several times a day.
  5. Yes - I did a complete clean, followed Nick's above instructions to the letter. The error first appeared today when I plugged it int, and then multiple times later in the day after I unplugged it and worked from battery.
  6. Nick, I wanted to confirm that this seems to have resolved the issue, thanks. I've been up and running again for 24 hours with no error message pop-ups. Appreciate your instructions.
  7. Okay I guess I'll have to. That error message keeps popping up even though Evernote is not open and it's interrupting a film I'm trying to watch. Bloody annoying,
  8. I've installed 7.11 and I'm still getting the error. Had it 5 times in the last 90 seconds, in fact. I lodged a support ticket and they weren't able to help me.
  9. Update: EvernoteSpotlight crashing constantly, and the app itself ended up not responding.
  10. I've installed 7.11 beta 1 and the pop up has gone but EvernoteSpotlight is still crashing constantly.
  11. @DTLow - that script seems to work for the most recent note (I added a few test notes with long titles) but it's not adding tags beyond the most recent note. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Wow, thanks DT. I actually asked one of my kids who is studying Python to work something out like this earlier today. I've never used Applescript before, and certainly not to script EN. But I'll give it a go!
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