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Please disable "smart quote" (aka curly quotes) substitution in Code Blocks!

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I paste in a lot of code into Evernote documents (usually from Sublime Text), and am constantly annoyed when my double-quotes are converted into "curly quotes" when I paste them into Code Blocks.

Is there a way to disable this? It drives me crazy!

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Any progress on this? It seems like a ridiculous solution to need to turn off smart text formatting system-wide in order for codeblocks to prevent auto formatting, especially considering that virtually every web form that uses code blocks (stackoverflow, github, etc.) can handle this. Using smart quotes is important for my other text processing, I just want evernote to prevent them in codeblocks. 

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On 12/21/2018 at 5:13 AM, daeda said:

Using smart quotes is important for my other text processing, I just want evernote to prevent them in codeblocks.


What daeda wrote here applies exactly to my needs:

  • Smart quotes in text processing: YES
  • Smart quotes in codeblocks: NO

No support of smart (curly) quotes for text processing in Evernote is a big showstopper (was contemplating upgrading).


On 8/1/2018 at 4:44 PM, rezecib said:

I believe this is controlled by the OS, you can disable it in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > uncheck "Use smart quotes and dashes"


To rezecib: I’m on macOS Mojave and this setting is indeed enabled —but no effect in Evernote…!


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@rezecib Changing the Mac's auto-formatting settings for double quotes is NOT a "solution". It's just a "workaround", and quite an undesirable one, because in other applications (e.g. Rich Text word processing documents, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), I do want "smart quotes" when I'm typing

A "code block" feature is useless if it does not allow you to enter text as literal characters, regardless of source (typed in or via pasting). Every text editor on the planet that purports to be a "text editor" does not auto-format code like Evernote does, and it really needs to be fixed if they are going to call this feature a "code block" in good conscience. If you can't trust that your code is actually valid code when entered into an Evernote document, then they should remove this feature until it can be fixed.


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This issue needs escalation. As a developer, this situation is a non-starter for using Evernote among development teams.

Without this issue addressed, it should be quickly understood that Evernote is not usable for software development. Full stop.

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