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Implement reminders in the 'Reminders' feature ?

Bear G


I have implemented a very tidy GTD-style system using Evernote and its featureset, though I am having trouble accepting the idea that someone intentionally designed Reminders to work the way they do.

Right now, the implementation of 'Reminders' seems more like a special type of tag than a traditional reminder, e.g. a pop-up (Outlook-style) or notification (such as on a mobile device)

I would love the Evernote team forever if the 'Reminders' feature were given an overhaul and the following functions were added:

  1. Optional 'invasive' reminders (pop-ups, push notifications, whatever) based on your device
  2. Better granularity -  at least let me select down to the hour, if not to the minute
  3. Ideally, the reminders could optionally be pushed into the native 'Reminders' app on iOS and whatever Android has, the way Pocket Informant and other organizers do

I won't ask for integration with Outlook's calendar, because Outlook development is a special brand of hell. 

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1 hour ago, Bear G said:
  • Optional 'invasive' reminders (pop-ups, push notifications, whatever) based on your device

My Evernote reminders pop-up/notification on my IOS and Mac devices.

I'm interested in your "very tidy GTD-style system" and tie-in to the Reminder feature.  
My process uses Reminders to store the task start date.

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