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Copy / Pasted images randomly started saving to Evernote as PDF

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Until this morning, whenever I copied an image and pasted to Evernote, the image would simply save inline as an image. I would then right click the image and choose to annotate it. 

This morning, i made the mistake of clicking on the "Annotate this note" button instead. It converted an image inside the note to PDF and once I had finished annotating, dropped the pdf file into the note. That in itself wouldn't be an issue. 

However now, every-time I copy/paste an image into Evernote, that image is automatically converted to PDF.  This is a significant issue for me, as i regularly use the following workflow: 

  1. Screen clip and paste into evernote
  2. annotate image in evernote
  3. copy image from evernote into other docs (word, google docs etc) 

This isn't working with the sudden change to PDF. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 10.00.28.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 10.03.04.png

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1 hour ago, LG_BrewLvr said:

this is very annoying as then the pdf cannot be resized like a picture can so how about posting an answer

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My first step in troubleshooting would be reboot the device

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