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Date and time in note view

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With all of the wonderful changes to the Evernote app that have happened recently, I’d like to know if there are any plans to put the created / modified date and time at the top of a note rather than buried in the information screen (the screen you get when you hit the little (i) icon). I refer to note date quite often and find it annoying to have to do that extra tap.

If there is concern about taking up screen real estate, you might try Apple’s solution for notes: hide the date and time at the top initially, then show it when you pull down on the note when you’re at the top. Hard to describe correctly, but if you have apple notes you can easily see what I’m talking about (see screen shot).

Heck, it’d be awesome to have the tagging interface in that pull down area as well, not just the date.


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There's no indication that Evernote has any plans regarding this feature.

I see that you posted a feature request at the post linked below
Users interested in supporting this request can use the voting buttons at the top left corner of the request discussion


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