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(Archived) no word-wrapping?

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I just downloaded version 1.0.3 of the MacOS X (Leopard) client. To create notes, I've pasted in unwrapped text from other note-taking programs. What I've found is that while this text appears properly word-wrapped in thumbnails in thumbnail view, when you click on the thumbnails, the same notes are not word-wrapped but instead words are split arbitrarily at the right hand margin. To make matters worse, on preview.evernote.com and on the iPhone, the text isn't wrapped at all!

Anyone else?

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I forgot to mention that these notes were all created by pasting text copied from other applications. Strangely, the font in which the created notes appear in Courier. However, even if I create a new note, copy from the source and do "paste and match style," I get the same results. Something is going wrong in copying data from the clipboard. How do I know this? If I type the text myself instead of pasting, it word-wraps properly!

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Correct ... this should be sorted out in a couple of weeks. Thanks for bearing with us.

This doesn't appear to be fixed in version 1.0.4 (27920), which was just released. Is it supposed to be?

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Currently, if you paste from a plain text app (e.g. Terminal) into the application, it would convert it to HTML surrounded by an HTML

 tag.  This gives you a fixed spacing for each character, but that HTML tag doesn't perform word wrapping.

We're going to use a different tag now when you clip (the tag), but this won't be retroactive on existing notes, which area already created with the


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I'm trying the IMAP feature with my iPhone, and I'm not convinced that even when text is wrapping properly in the application and on the Evernote web site, it is doing so on my iPhone, but the IMAP servers are pretty flaky right now, aren't they? (the iPhone's Mail app seems to be waiting forever to download mail)

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Right, if you paste rtf or HTML, it should keep the original formatting. The confusion was about how we should format plaintext when you paste it into our (HTML) editor. Our first attempt looked right at first, but didn't wrap like you would expect from consumer software.

Re: IMAP ... you're right that the IMAP support is pretty rough right now. Our current implementation worked pretty well "in the lab", but we've found some pretty ugly behavior from various IMAP "clients" that are going to require us to do some major work on this feature. As a result, we've stopped promoting it on our site until we can get things straightened out. Unfortunately, the "major work" part means that won't be "soon".


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