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  1. I second the page rotation ability once the notebook has sync'd to Evernote.
  2. That doesn't work for me. I'm running the latest beta under 10.5.3 of OS X and all I get is a beep when I attempt that keystroke. As an aside, for some reason I can't get the clipper to appear on my iMac at home. It works fine on my MBP.
  3. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no equivalent for the Mac at the moment. But hey, it's still early. I'm sure they'll get to it.
  4. Under "NOTEBOOKS", I have the following 3 notebooks listed in this order: Incoming All Notes All Notebooks When I click on "All Notebooks", it shows that I am viewing notes from "Incoming". Nothing happens when I click on the "Incoming" notebook, "All Notebooks" stays highlighted. If I next click on "All Notes", I am indeed viewing the notes from "All Notes" and it is correctly highlighted as the active notebook. If I then click on "All Notebooks", it highlights the "Incoming" notebook but shows that I am viewing the "All Notebooks" notebook. If I click on "All Notes" and subsequently click on "Incoming", it again highlights "All Notebooks" but shows that I am viewing "Incoming". Man, I hope some of that makes sense... The only other thing I can think of that was "out of the ordinary", was that I had inadvertently create a note in "All Notebooks" and then dragged it to a tag instead of a different notebook.
  5. ...on the Mac client? There doesn't appear to be a way to scan directly in to EN. So I scan a document using "Image Capture" and save the document as a PDF. I then drag that PDF in to a new note, but it is not searchable. In a related post Dave mentioned that EN will not index an image in a PDF. Is that what is happening in this case as well? What am I missing here? How can I scan a document such that it is able to be indexed by EN?
  6. I'm sorry, Dave. Looking back at my original post, it wasn't very clear, but I am using the Mac client. The PDF is not searchable on the service nor on the Mac client if it is received as an attachment via the EN email address.
  7. I have a scanner/printer/copier on my network that I use to scan documents and email them to my Evernote email address as PDF attachments. The Evernote service recognizes them as PDFs as does the Mac client. However, the PDFs aren't searchable and I can't select text when viewing the PDF in the client. Any ideas?
  8. ...and realistically, how large could an EN3 database be?
  9. Is it currently possible, or are there plans down the road, to assign a keystroke or use a widget to open a new note window for quick entry of notes? I'm using both the Mac and Windows clients and as of yet have not found a way to do this.
  10. I do believe this has already been reported and is scheduled to be corrected in the next beta refresh.
  11. My pleasure. I don't suppose a fix will make it in to the Mac update scheduled for this week?
  12. Whenever I cut and paste simple text from, say TextEdit, into the EN Mac Beta, it doesn't bring over the carriage-return linefeed. All of the text "runs together" in the new note in EN. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? I'm running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 with all current patches.
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