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Evernote for iOS 8.12 breaks formatting of new inter-note links

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To reproduce:

  1. in Evernote 8.12 for iOS (released 2018-05-18)
  2. go to any note
  3. tap the person icon with a plus sign
  4. tap "More sharing options"
  5. tap "Copy internal link"
  6. tap "Done"
  7. paste from the clipboard into a different note
  8. the result is something like https://www.evernote.com/shard/s6/…

Note that DTLow reported this, but the problem (on iOS) isn't actually that it is a web link vs. Evernote link (evernote:///view/…); I can click on the ugly link and be taken back to the appropriate note on my iPhone and Windows machine ( The problem is that in iOS, no longer do I get a nice green hyperlink with the title of the note; I now get an ugly blue URL.

This is particularly frustrating for me because I link to internal notes rather extensively. It's already bad enough that Evernote on iOS makes it onerous to find another note, copy an internal hyperlink through several taps, navigate back to the original note, find where I was entering text, and paste. But now I'll have to either deal with ugly URLs which don't tell me where they go, or re-edit everything on my PC. To add insult to injury, I ponied up for an iPhone X in part because Evernote functioned so slowly on my iPhone 5S.

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I noticed this last Sunday and was concerned and contacted support.  It is a bug that apparently will be worked out on the next update.  However, there is a work around: 

In the IOS version, you can click on the person icon to the "Share Note".  Instead of going to "More sharing options," go to where it says "Shareable link off."   When you get there, you can hit "copy link" and that creates the green hyperlink.  

It has worked fine for me this week, but there is one problem.  Although the green hyperlink works just fine when I am the ios version, when I go to the Windows version that is downloaded on my computer, it instead takes me to the web version (which is not allowing me to edit it).  Very strange. 

However, with this workaround, you should still be able to use links and hopefully with the next update it will be totally fixed. 

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I think you are mistaken regarding web link vs. Evernote link. https://evernote.com/… IS a web link. And that is why you get an ugly blue URL. I have seen the same behavior, which is very annoying. You would think an internal link would be an internal link.

I am not sure if the underlying link is a web URL or Evernote link, but if you go to Share -> Share another way -> Copy link and then paste this into another Evernote note, it will produce a nice green link with the title of the first note. 

I know… seems backwards, but what can you say?

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My note doesn't contain "https://evernote.com"; it contains "https://www.evernote.com" and "evernote:///view". I wrote code to easily see the HTML code for contents on the clipboard; I just examined one of my oldest old green links and it's https://www.evernote.com. So, it appears that DTLow incorrectly diagnosed the problem.

As to the sequence of operations you specify, Here's precisely what I did, from left to right:


When I did that, the link produced was https://www.evernote.com/shard/s6/…, as I specified in the OP. Can you confirm that (i) you are running Evernote on iOS; (ii) you are using version 8.12? If you meant clicking the icon next to the text "Shareable link off", that doesn't do what I want—it generates a public link. This is undesirable in two ways: (a) it requires an internet connection to generate the link; (b) it makes the link work for anyone who has it, which I do not need and is this an additional possible security hole. However, it does generate a nice pretty green hyperlink with text equal to the note's title.

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