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  1. I have a 2018 iPad Pro and I am also experiencing these slowness issues. A note-taking app should not be so slow on such a powerful device. I do have a number of notes and I excerpt out of books so some of the notes can contain much text, but the computing power inside a 2018 iPad Pro is enormous. Combined with other bugs (old and new), I am seriously considering switching to something else which works across iOS and Windows. As best I can tell, Evernote spends most of its developer time on large businesses, and so their concerns matter much more than ours.
  2. I am having this problem as of updating to iPad iOS 14 and then updating Evernote. I copy out excerpts from books and thus have fairly long notes; since there's no easy way to scroll to the end of a note, I put something like "XXX" at the end of the note, so I can search for it in order to scroll to the bottom of the note. This no longer works, which is rather frustrating! This is also true for shorter notes when I search for content within them.
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