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Document capture from phone photo roll

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I share the concerns about unsolicited and intrusive digging into photos by Evernote or any other app.  However my query is a reverse of this; effectively to "collect photos" on demand.  When I want it to do so on a specific photo, not when Evernote thinks it should after rummaging through all your photos.

I can add a photo to a note from the phone's photo roll but the problem is I cannot find a way to apply the image cleanup that Evernote does automatically when you capture a document from camera directly.  Clearly the "collect documents" invokes this function but that seems to be either on (Evernote rifles through your photos unbidden) or off (you don't get the option to "collect" specific photos at all)

Say you were in a hurry and snapped a pic using camera as you didn't have time or didn't think to open Evernote and capture a document.

Any ideas?

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Hi.  AFAIK there are no apps specific to cleaning up a picture after the event. 

With the single-option (or any other) wizard,  it's as quick to take a Document picture in Evernote as it is to fire up the device camera.  If the Evernote process takes too long,  there's Adobe Scan,  Camscanner,  and MS Office Lens which all offer variations on a 'clean' scan of a document.  If you do have some history pictures to deal with,  Lightroom CC or Photoshop will help you clean up the image.

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Thanks for the reply.  I agree it's as quick* to take a doc picture in the evernote app, but this is one of those "I wish I'd..." moments. 

*I'd just gone into camera mode from the lock screen to take a quick snap of something and didn't have much time to do anything else.  I guess unlocking the phone first might add an extra second or two, not that much in the scheme of things but I was focused purely on capturing it.  Later I realised I would want that in Evernote and wouldn't it be nice if if was cleaned up.

I don't have photo processing software like Lightroom or Photoshop, and in any event these are quite heavyweight for my purposes.  I don't have a vast array of snapped documents to process.  I just wanted the Evernote app to do its document capture stuff on an existing camera roll pic.

I'm not familiar with the single-option wizard.  Is that an Android thing or an Evernote thing?

Anyway I got an answer to my question: is there a way? The answer seems to be not within Evernote.  It's something I'd like to see and wouldn't be hard to implement, but is not something I'll lose sleep over.

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13 minutes ago, 4d4m said:

I'm not familiar with the single-option wizard.

There are single options out there from IFTTT (I think) - but I was mainly thinking of Evernote's various Android wizards which include at least one single-function button to which you can assign any action,  including 'new picture note'.

LR & PS are scary to use on a PC (I have both) but the Android versions are much simpler to use.

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