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Hi - I just updated EN to 7.1 and search is completely broken. Earlier, it was able to partial match on title or content, but with this update - even exact match on title or any word in content does not work. I haven't been able to make search work for "anything" - it simply returns "0 notes found"

PS: I have been using EN for years, so I poked around trying to see if I had missed some setting, but I don't think so.





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On 5/5/2018 at 1:18 PM, Vishlesh said:

I dont see troubleshoot option under help.  I am using version 7.1.


Its a hidden option, hold down option key (on MAC) and then click Help  

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Same here. Still unclear if this solution worked (I think the index is still being rebuilt), but why did this even happen? Took a lot of effort trying to find a note and then this thread!!!

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