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Sharing one Evernote account between USERs on same computer

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I have a new Win10 computer and am trying to share my Evernote account between the various USERs on that computer. Evernote is trying to get me to buy the Premium version, claiming I am using on separate computers. Not true! Just three different USERs on same computer.

Why am I having this problem (which should not be occurring unless Evernote has a strange definition of "Computer"?

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Hi.  If you're using the Windows definition of 'user',  meaning that each individual signs in with their own user name and password,  then they may as well be using separate computers.  Each user's working space is separate from the rest and would not normally share files between them.  If each person is signing in with the same user name and password to both the computer and to Evernote,  then it should not matter what level of account you have.  Basic (free) accounts always get a lot of nagvertising about upgrading though,  so you may just be seeing standard traffic.  If that's not the case,  can you please provide more details about how Evernote was installed (for one user,  or for all users) and how the various users are signing in to both the computer and to Evernote?

- And if you are using the Basic account,  why not just have a separate account each and share one or more notebooks between you?

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Dear Gaz...

I have a SysAdmin USER on each computer and one or more non-admin USERs and want to be able to move text, etc. back and forth between them using the same Evernote account. I was not aware I could share books between Evernote accounts which means I would have to also have separate email accounts for each USER, at least to use the basic Evernote accounts.

I have several computers I maintain, each of which has a SysAdmin account - I can see some SysAdmin email account naming complexities (probably will need SysAdmin-Gamer & SysAdmin-TestRig1 and SysAdminBiz1 email accounts, with respective USERs on each of those computers). The attempt is to enable me to make notes while in a USER which then can be referred easily to the SysAdmin account for further action. I try to do limited online actions while in SysAdmin (with its admin rights) and instead to do online activities in the limited non-admin USERs to help minimize malware, etc. attacks on my computers.

I don't want to use email as I often just encounter something while websurfing or in convos and I want to be able to immediately start an action to trigger work or research from the SysAdmin account (i.e. start a new Evernote page for that project). Email makes a clumsy way to do this as the follow-on actions aren't easy to put into an email chain. Hence, Evernote.

Thank you for your interest in helping!

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Hmmn.  If you have several different users on the same account you'll confuse everyone.  Evernote has no way to tell which user has a note open if they're all the same login.  So User A (Sam) could open a note currently being changed by User A (now Jane) and overwrite everything she just saved.  Also all the notes will be authored by the same person and you'll never be able to tell who created what or who changed what. 

If however the "users" will all be you,  the easiest way may be (if you have internet access as a user) to use the web version of Evernote via Evernote.com and a handy browser to log into your account via the website on whichever device and add notes there. 

Alternatively -and co-incidentally- a fellow user (h/t @ab1kenobee) came up with a portable version of Evernote via a third-party site https://www.thinstallsoft.com/evernote/ which (assuming you have USB access) would allow you to carry your database with you.  That's a 12 month old version but it should do what you need.  I haven't used it,  and I do know that Evernote doesn't usually play well with removable storage so I recommend that you trial the product if it is of interest,  and take frequent backups of your data.

Multiple email addresses would be an option if you want to provide a device-specific basic access - the email address is required only for access (by Evernote) and you could ignore any emails generated there.  Clipping and added notes would be synced back to Evernote's servers and could be shared with your main account.

If you have any general queries about syncing and other features,  check the Evernote Help pages.


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