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Any.do Task Manager Interface no longer works


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I used Evernote Web Clipper. I also use Any.Do for task management. My Any.do web interface doesn't work anymore, and it redirects me to another site. The support team for Any.do said the latest upgrade of Evernote Web Clipper is what is interfering and causing Any.do web not to work. So I'd appreciate if that can be fixed.


I have to say I was taken by surprise by the new Evernote Web Clipper and didn 't realize I'd have to change all my settings again.

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I'd suggest you check you're running the latest version of the Chrome Clipper (7.1) and if so raise this in the release thread which was added recently.  The developers are (allegedly) still working on it to bring the new release up to the standard of the 'old' clipper.

If there's anything they can do to reconnect with Any.do they'll be able to do it once they're aware of the problem.  Did Any.do make any comment about having already contacted Evernote to get this resolved?


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Thanks for this explanation. Is there a way to roll back to the old Web Clipper?

So Any.do doesn't actually connect to Evernote. But they have a web.any.do website where one can look at tasks, as well as an extension in Chrome. Their web.any.do is sensitive; I know that it won't update properly on my work computer that runs a very protected version of Google Chrome. I noticed on my home computer,  it was sending me from web.any.do to a different website. I asked Any.do why and they said, "Please note that if you're being automatically redirected this means that you have the Evernote Web clipper installed on your Chrome browser. We've noticed that Evernote's last update made it incompatible with the Web app (and another pages also). We're recommending users to contact them in order to request a fix."

I will post on that other thread as I'm noticing other problems with this new Web Clipper. For most of the blogs / news sources I read, I use Pocket to grab them. Except subscription websites, where I use Evernote to grab them. All of them are now coming out with huge text and non-white backgrounds despite using Simplified View to grab them.

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4 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi again - ICYMI the post immediately below yours on the release thread gives some roll-back instructions and links.  Let's hope all this gets sorted out soon...

Thank you very much for letting me know. I had not seen it. Am watching the video to set it up now.

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Hey @notetakeingguy

Were you able to solve your problem? I'm suffering from the same problem as well. Instead of taking me to the old Any.do webapp, i'm automatically taken to the beta version which still need some work. I tried asking Any.do support if i could revert to the old version and this was their response:- 

Hi there Faisal,

If you're being automatically redirected, you probably have the Evernote Web Clipper extension on your browser. We've noticed that Evernote's last update made it incompatible with the Web app (and another pages also). We're recommending users to contact them in order to request a fix. 

In the meantime you can connect to the old web app using Chrome's incognito mode and typing the address https://webapp.any.do or simply disable the Evernote Web Clipper.


Any help would be great.


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I wrote the above fast since I was at the gym but wanted to help you since I was similarly frustrated.

What I did was I followed the thread that gazumped pointed me to, found the post below my post there, and then followed it. I unsinstalled Evernote Web Clipper, and then downloaded clipper 6.13.2. I manually installed as those instructions suggest. It works fine, other than Chrome complaining it is developer mode. More importantly, the any.do website web interface works.

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