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"Add remark" field is missing in version 7 of Web Clipper

Matt Maldre


In version 6.13.2 of the Web Clipper, there was a field for "Add remark". That field is now missing from version 7.0.2 of the Web Clipper. I absolutely need this field to add comments and notes to articles that I save. Please bring back this very helpful feature of the Web Clipper.

Attached is a screenshot collage showing the difference between version 6.13.2 and 7.0.2 of the Web Clipper. You'll see that the "Add remark" field is missing.

Screenshot 2018-04-05 12.41.32-add remark.jpg

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I agree, I add remarks to many of my notes, it's a very useful feature that has been removed. When I manually add comments to the top of my notes I have to reformat them from bold title text. It's a mess.

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Hi, @Matt Maldre I'm also experiencing this issue. The last EN response on Twitter about it was:


Currently this feature is no longer available. I can however confirm that our team is aware of this issue and is working to bring the 'add a remark' feature back to the web clipper. If you'd like, I can reach out when an update is available! /AT


It seems this feature is working on the other browsers.


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My two priorities

Restore Remarks - I use it on almost every clip to communicate with my remote assistant - and make notebook selection less cumbersome. 

And please give a heads-up to your Chat personnel so this isn't a ten-minute convo where they ask lots of questions and request a screenshot.

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