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I used a screenshot of this screen as an example. I can't take a screenshot of the lock screen.

I turned on the Evernote option to create a note directly from the notification bar, and that's working fine. My issue is that on the lock screen and the always on display, the symbol is transparent. That makes it invisible on the always on display screen except for the border. In fact, it took me a while to figure out where that empty circle was coming from. In the lock screen, there's just an empty space where it should be.

If you look at the attached screenshot of this screen, you can see an empty space to the left of the temperature (which is in blue). You'll have to take my word for it that the icon is there, and it's transparent.

Is there a way to fix this?


Galaxy S8

Android 8.0.0Screenshot_20180404-115625_Chrome.thumb.jpg.fcff8cb41579cbfc23dc35210896ebcf.jpg

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I have the same setup, but I'm not seeing this problem. I was able to take a screenshot of my lockscreen (perhaps because I have no actual security on it!), which is below. The Evernote icon is visible. On the Always On Display, I can't get an Evernote note-creating icon, only icons that indicate EN notifications--and indeed such an icon is just a blank circle, which is not a lot of use.

EDIT: I did see a blank circle in the Always On Display once earlier today; but later (and I think this is normal) the circle on the AOD that indicates an Evernote notification did have the elephant icon in it.

What phone service provider do you use? I'm on Verizon. They all customize the system a bit, I think, and it may be that that's causing a problem.

Note 8 lockscreen with Evernote-large.jpg

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I'm on Verizon also.

The icon you drew an arrow to is not the same as what I'm talking about. That's an icon for opening the app itself. I'm talking about the little one that shows up in the status bar (far left) when the phone is unlocked, the one that shows in a circle on the always-on display, and the one that shows up in a group with other notifications on the lock screen.

I don't know why you can take a screenshot of your lock screen and I can't. I'm running a newer version of Android, and it did introduce some differences.

None of this affects the way anything works. It's just a cosmetic annoyance, but I'm extremely anal.

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Yeah, I know all about the, shall we say, rectal withholding syndrome. :D I understand what you're talking about now. AFAIK I've never had the icon go transparent in the status bar or the lock screen. But there was the blank circle on my Always On Display earlier today. I don't remember ever seeing it before, and later on things were working properly there too. Weird. So, in the end, I can't really be any help! But those visual clues are important, and I hope you'll get them back. I assume you've tried restarting the phone?

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Yes, I've restarted the phone.

I don't know if it has to do with the theme I'm using for the phone or for Evernote.

I don't really need the notification icon, since all it's telling me is that I can quickly create a text note. If it weren't there at all, I wouldn't miss it.

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Well, my Note 8 updated to Android 8 today--and now I have the exact same situation as you: blank circle on the Always On Display, and blank/invisible icon in the status bar. The lock screen is still OK. I tried restarting the phone, and even uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote, with no success. Of course, you can't actually access the quick note creator from the AOD or* the status bar, and when I actually pull the notification screen down, it's visible and ready to use. I've submitted a support ticket, but since, as you say, it's just cosmetic, I wonder how much effort they'll think it's worth.

As I think it over, I'm not sure I remember there being an icon for this feature of Evernote on the AOD before; and I'm not sure if I would have realized that there was an invisible icon on the status bar before. It does look like a new issue under Android 8, but it's hard to be sure.

*EDIT: Oops. I just tried double-tapping the blank circle and a couple of other icons on the AOD, and in fact you can access these functions, though you have to do your lock-screen unlock to do so. Duh! :blush:

More edit: This is rank speculation, but I wonder whether the problem may not be that the AOD and the status bar expect to receive some kind of data from the app so as to display it; and the quick note creator by definition does not output data until you write something in it. Perhaps this expectation, or how it is implemented, is what has changed in Android 8.

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Update: I submitted a ticket last Thursday, and have been sending in information to tech support. Today I received a response that indicated that they were able to replicate the problem even on other versions of Android. (The tech said he had also looked in on the reports here.) The development team is reviewing and prioritizing it, so a fix will presumably be in the works at some point. They are not saying when that will be, of course; this does not, after all, prevent the quick-note feature from functioning. I've found that even the blank circle on the Note 8 Always On Display is responsive to a double-tap, and will open the quick note (after the unlock procedure, if any). So overall this is pretty good news, and considering that it's a low-level issue affecting only a limited number of users, I think the response time has been more than reasonable.

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Bumping this thread a year later to report that my phone just updated to Android 9 Pie and the new Samsung OneUI, and this problem still persists. On the lock screen and the Always On Display, the Evernote icon is transparent or invisible. Its outline can clearly be seen on the AOD, and it functions when tapped. But you sort of have to know it's there. Depending on the lock screen wallpaper, even the outline may not be visible. FWIW, the support ticket number I got last year was 2470387. Anyone else have anything to report?

Edit: I'm still on v. 8.8 of the Evernote app, BTW; apparently v. 8.9 hasn't yet been rolled out to my zip code / area code / year of birth / or whatever other criteria they use for rolling rollouts. It may be that it will be fixed in 8.9; but it's allergy season in Atlanta, so I don't have enough breath to hold. :)

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