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(Archived) Android apps in the Trunk


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It'd make life a lot easier if the Mobile section of the Trunk was split between platforms. It's rather annoying looking at nearly all of them only to find they're nearly all iPhone only.

Incidentally, is there any reason the Android version of Evernote isn't showing in the Trunk? Not a sign of things to come, I hope!

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We've had some feedback that the Mobile page should do a better job telling you about the app's platform before you click. We're looking into a good way to do that, either through some sort of icons, or just in the short text.

Not sure why our own Android app isn't in the Trunk, but I assume that's an oversight.

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The next release won't have offline notebooks ... that's a pretty huge development effort to get right. I think the next release will address a number of compatibility and interoperability issues.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update. At least the Android version is still being developed - that's the important thing.

Sorry to address you by your surname earlier - I just saw your user name.



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For an app that focuses strongly on being able to find your stored information by filtering and searching, I find it incredible that there's no way to filter Trunk apps at all, over a year after psiomark's original post about it.

It's utterly frustrating not to be able to filter out those apps that I can't use because I don't run Evernote on a particular platform. A simple tick list to filter by platform would be a huge improvement, i.e.

[ ] web

[ ] Windows

[ ] Mac

[ ] Android

[ ] iOS

[ ] Blackberry

[ ] WebOS

[ ] Windows Phone

I'm sure I've forgotten some!

I'd prefer a tick list to radio buttons so that (in my case) I can search for tools that work on either Windows or Android.

Pretty please??

Text search would be welcome too, but surely a platform filter really ought to be trivial shouldn't it?


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