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  1. You can export individual notes as PDF, send via email etc. Not ideal, obviously, but I'm sure someone will come up with a nice script to do the job. One of the plus points in it being an OS level app - the data will be there and extractable, I'm sure.
  2. There are so many reasons, but the main one was that I found it harder and harder to find anything and, frankly, the iOS apps are the definition of bloatware. I love the simplicity of Notes. I love the integration with the OS (Share sheets etc). I love the Spotlight search on iOS and OSX. Most importantly, with Notes, I can find what I search for, quickly and easily. Yep, as you say, attachments come across fine, and are searchable. In OSX, use Spotlight and it'll show a preview of any matches. Perfect.
  3. I'm in the process of using the new Notes Import function to bring over my nearly 6,000 notes to Apple Notes. It will then be an (almost) fond farewell to Evernote. I wish you, and all who sail in you, the very best for the future.
  4. +1 from me, too I'm currently using Drafts to start off notes for Evernote, but native TE support in EN would be great.
  5. I LOVE Mind Maps - I'm having palpatations just thinking about this Can't wait to get home and try it out..
  6. Everlog has the option of adding icons for weather, emotions and ratings as well as automatic location, tags and date stamps. And of course, the icons used can be connected with certain tags. I haven't tried out DayOne yet. My guess is that it is much more pretty of an option than Evernote and at the same time, can sync with Evernote. Everlog doesn't have a viewer separate from Evernote for the notes it creates. I prefer this but I understand the pain recently for ios users (of which I am one). I can't wait till they fix the most recent bugs. BTW, It would be great to see the ios apps
  7. Another thumbs up for Day One. I like the auto-added location and weather and the ability to add a photo is nice. Yeah, you can do all of this with EN but, given my recent problems with the iOS versions of EN, Day One is a better solution for me for now. Yes, didn't like the complete lack of security when using Dropbox, so using the iCloud sync, which probably isn't much safer to be honest. But it's a lovely app.
  8. I've been doing the same with my lads drawings - working away from home, it's doubly fantastic knowing they're always with me
  9. Yep, totally agree - see my initial post I think I've settled comfortably on OmniFocus for now - I will look again at EN for this purpose at some point in the future, but will of course continue to use it for almost everything else. Truth is, I'm a tinkerer as far as software is concerned, so I just like trying new stuff.
  10. Thanks for the prompt and detailed response, Heather. I'll keep an eye out for some of those promotions! Maybe it should be age based, lol! There's no way I'm going to be around for another 100 years. I'm about to hit 50, so I'm guessing somewhere between 0 and 40 years would be best for me
  11. I spotted a thread from a couple of years ago on this subject, but couldn't see anything since. Has this been given any more consideration? With over 6,500 notes in my EN, I'm not likely to be going anywhere else any time soon, so a Lifetime Premium account would be ideal for me.
  12. Well, in the meantime, despite my misgivings mentioned above, I've gone and purchased OmniFocus on the Mac, as it's currently 50% off I already had it on the iPad and iPhone, so it made sense. Trying it out now, but will definitely return to looking at using EN for my ToDo system once (if) stuff like Due Dates are introduced. Thanks for all the feedback, folks. Plenty of food for thought.
  13. Thanks for all the useful input, folks - some truly useful tips here. On the one hand, I can see some benefits to a 2-system approach, but on the other, my head's finding it tricky getting around using 1 application for some of my To Do's and another application for the rest, as my brain is complaining at having to look in 2 different places. I guess my real issue in this scenario is that I've never really adopted true GTD. Whilst I'm sure it's a great system for many (it must be, otherwise it'd be long gone by now) it just doesn't seem to work for me. I think that's because either a) I really
  14. Good points. I agree it's a good system for ADDING data, but I'd still have my issues when EDITING data on the move. Not to worry. I spend more time trying different To Do apps than actually doing stuff, lol! Incidentally, Things has received a refresh today across iOS devices and the Mac beta. Looking good!
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