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  1. +1 from me, too I'm currently using Drafts to start off notes for Evernote, but native TE support in EN would be great.
  2. I LOVE Mind Maps - I'm having palpatations just thinking about this Can't wait to get home and try it out..
  3. I've been doing the same with my lads drawings - working away from home, it's doubly fantastic knowing they're always with me
  4. Yep, totally agree - see my initial post I think I've settled comfortably on OmniFocus for now - I will look again at EN for this purpose at some point in the future, but will of course continue to use it for almost everything else. Truth is, I'm a tinkerer as far as software is concerned, so I just like trying new stuff.
  5. Thanks for the prompt and detailed response, Heather. I'll keep an eye out for some of those promotions! Maybe it should be age based, lol! There's no way I'm going to be around for another 100 years. I'm about to hit 50, so I'm guessing somewhere between 0 and 40 years would be best for me
  6. I spotted a thread from a couple of years ago on this subject, but couldn't see anything since. Has this been given any more consideration? With over 6,500 notes in my EN, I'm not likely to be going anywhere else any time soon, so a Lifetime Premium account would be ideal for me.
  7. Well, in the meantime, despite my misgivings mentioned above, I've gone and purchased OmniFocus on the Mac, as it's currently 50% off I already had it on the iPad and iPhone, so it made sense. Trying it out now, but will definitely return to looking at using EN for my ToDo system once (if) stuff like Due Dates are introduced. Thanks for all the feedback, folks. Plenty of food for thought.
  8. Thanks for all the useful input, folks - some truly useful tips here. On the one hand, I can see some benefits to a 2-system approach, but on the other, my head's finding it tricky getting around using 1 application for some of my To Do's and another application for the rest, as my brain is complaining at having to look in 2 different places. I guess my real issue in this scenario is that I've never really adopted true GTD. Whilst I'm sure it's a great system for many (it must be, otherwise it'd be long gone by now) it just doesn't seem to work for me. I think that's because either a) I really don't have that many ToDo's (I wasn't kidding when I said I spend more time trying To Do apps than I do Getting Things Done) or b ) I haven't fully grasped it! I'm happy to concede it could be either.
  9. Good points. I agree it's a good system for ADDING data, but I'd still have my issues when EDITING data on the move. Not to worry. I spend more time trying different To Do apps than actually doing stuff, lol! Incidentally, Things has received a refresh today across iOS devices and the Mac beta. Looking good!
  10. This is Kinda my point: search for this, search for that, copy/paste. With RTM (or OmniFocus for that matter), I can just tap Today or House or Work and I'm set. The searching/tagging etc is terrific on the desktop clients, but, frankly, I can't be bothered to go through it all on my iOS devices. I have all my notes offline on my iPhone and iPad, but almost only use them for searching for a document. Re OmniFocus, the thing that really got me was the icon counter! It'd be sitting there telling me I had 10 things to do, so I'd go take a look and 9 of them would be for tomorrow. I'm not interested in tomorrow's stuff until tomorrow becomes today. To me, that's the whole point: forget about until you have to get it done. As far as I could tell, you could only restrict OF to treat "soon" as (at the minimum) 24 hours. It needs an option for "Just Today" (IMHO). I know I can switch the icon counter off, but I want it on, but showing only stuff due Today. All horses for courses, of course. The ideal system is the one that works for you
  11. Adding stuff isn't really an issue, it's editing that's the problem. I don't have one task per note. I find that too cluttered, although it does have advantages when using a desktop client. So, I have one task per line in a single note with checkboxes. Trying to edit this when on the go over a 3G connection can be a very frustrating problem, if not actually impossible (as was the case yesterday). Another issue I have is that I have a requirement for repeating tasks. No matter which why I set up doing this in EN, it's a pain, so I end up using a third party app to do them. If I'm going to that, I guess I might as well just use it for all tasks. Omnifocus is a lovely piece of software. However, as with every single one of these type of apps I've tried (and I've tried and paid for way too many), it has annoyances that drive me away from them. With OF, it's seeing stuff due tomorrow on the count of stuff due "soon". It's such a simple thing to code to only show stuff due today (or at least give me that option), but oh no, you're gonna get the next 24 hours whether you like it or not. You may be able to change this on the Mac version, I'm not sure. I tried it and it looks just too 1980's for me. However, the iOS versions are otherwise fantastic, but not fantastic enough to get me over seeing a count of stuff to do when I haven't got to worry about them until tomorrow!
  12. No, never. Except that it's coming "soon" (as of late 2009). I'd give more advice, but I don't use a mobile device, so I can't help there. On the desktop, I used Evernote for all my GTD until Metrodon recommended WorkFlowy, which is where all my tasks and projects are now. LOL re the release date Yeah, it's definitely the mobile element that's killing it for me. Over the weekend, I'd set it all up nicely and was very happy with what I had. Then the situation arose where I wanted to add something to my list whilst out and about and the scenario above popped up, at which point I realised how poor a system it is when relying on mobile. If I had my laptop with me at all times, I'd use EN, but I don't, so I don't. Workflowy is fantastic but again it suffers from a lack of a proper offline mobile app. It works well enough in mobile Safari on iOS, but that's no good when you don't have a signal. It's amazing how often that is, too. I use RTM etc LOTS when out shopping etc to see if there's anything I need to get whilst I'm out, so it's no good to me if I'm going to get an "Unable to load page" error. No matter, we'll get there in the end
  13. I think I may be asking too much from EN to use it as my To Do/GTD system. As a little background, I've tried most To Do apps - Things, OmniFocus, The Hit List, Taskpaper, Remember The Milk etc. So far, Remember The Milk and Taskpaper seem to have worked out quite well. I'm also in the process of trying to dump as many apps as I can (I have far too many) and shifting as much as I can to Evernote. I already use Evernote for the usual web clips and I scan just about every bit of paper I receive. I also use it for project management to a large degree and for keeping a journal, making use of things like IFTTT to automatically send stuff to EN so I can keep a record of where I've been and what I've done. I'd love to use EN as my To Do list. I've tried various systems mentioned here on the forums and elsewhere on the web (such as The Secret Weapon). I believe all of the systems I looked at are pretty good - if you're sat using a desktop client all the time. I probably spend at least 50% of my time without access to my laptop/desktop, so I'm reliant on a good solid mobile experience (iPhone and iPad in my case). The Remember The Milk iOS apps are great for this, especially with their "quick entry" system. Contrast this with adding a new task to Evernote for task management (assume I'm not already in my "task note" for the purpose of this example): Tap Tags Tap the Tag I created for my To Do Tap the Note where I want to add my new Task Tap the icon to enter Edit mode Enter the new Task Click Done Wait for the Save to complete (can take an age on 3G) Watch in panic as the whole note goes blank before it does a re-load And sometimes (as was the case last night when I was out on a walk and had an idea - I added it to EN on the go over 3G) it simply doesn't save, so the change was lost. Contrast this with RTM: Tap the quick entry text area Enter the task Press Enter All done. Don't get me wrong. I think Evernote is the single best application I've ever used and, as a developer, I've used a LOT of applications However, I feel I'm almost forcing myself to use EN for task management. Am I missing something? I even tried use a really simple list app to use on the go, and then copying the tasks to the right place in EN, but if I'm going to use another app anyway, I may as well just use RTM. Perhaps it's just because I really need a good mobile experience for quick entry and modification of notes, and the current version of the iOS app really isn't very good for that. It's excellent for day-to-day general use, but then it was never designed as a task manager, so perhaps I'm asking too much of it? Nobody's forcing me to use EN for this, of course, but it would be nice to be able to do so and get rid of one more app. There are so many people here offering fantastic tips and suggestions, I'm hoping one of you may say "have you tried..." Any news on the rumoured official Evernote To Do implementation?
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