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  1. You can export individual notes as PDF, send via email etc. Not ideal, obviously, but I'm sure someone will come up with a nice script to do the job. One of the plus points in it being an OS level app - the data will be there and extractable, I'm sure.
  2. There are so many reasons, but the main one was that I found it harder and harder to find anything and, frankly, the iOS apps are the definition of bloatware. I love the simplicity of Notes. I love the integration with the OS (Share sheets etc). I love the Spotlight search on iOS and OSX. Most importantly, with Notes, I can find what I search for, quickly and easily. Yep, as you say, attachments come across fine, and are searchable. In OSX, use Spotlight and it'll show a preview of any matches. Perfect.
  3. I'm in the process of using the new Notes Import function to bring over my nearly 6,000 notes to Apple Notes. It will then be an (almost) fond farewell to Evernote. I wish you, and all who sail in you, the very best for the future.
  4. Mmm, interesting. I bought a Synology NAS a couple of weeks back. At that time, I wasn't even aware of the existence of Note Station, but now I've started to explore it, it's got my interest. Some Pros so far: The web clipper is excellent. It seems to preserve the original formatting of a page better than Evernote's The data is of course entirely private and it's up to me to provide the level of security I require (I consider that a Pro) The offline notes work very well on the iOS apps I can import all of my Evernote notes I can find stuff! Cons Obviously if my router goes down or similar when I'm away from home, I can't update the server versions or use the web app, but I still have all of my notes sync'd on the iPad and iPhone. The web app is pretty slow, which is to be expected - it's a consumer level device running on a consumer level connection - but it's more than usable Overall, I'm pretty impressed. I stopped using Evernote a while back, despite having time left on my Premium subscription, due to a mixture of privacy concerns (I'm trying to move as much of my "cloud" stuff to personally controlled systems) and the simple fact that I found it really hard to find stuff I'd put in. Since then, I've been looking for something with similar functionality. DevonThink has performed very admirably in that regard. The only think missing from DT for me is remote web access. Note Station might well be the answer for me for those notes I want available via the web for the time being.
  5. Hi all, I've heard back from support. What you have to do to achieve what I want is to enter the search exactly like this: "astra" "mot" "2012" With the quotes, spaces etc. I can confirm this works. Intuitive, eh? Don't know why I didn't guess that I've politely suggested they update the FAQ, but at least I now have search returning what I want.
  6. If none of the false positives are 100% absolute straight text, then it could be the underlying code. However, I don't know why you seem to be getting so many false positives & it may be best to submit a support ticket with a specific search & a link to a specific false positive. Will do. Thanks for the help and suggestions
  7. Ah yes, that makes sense. But wouldn't it then show "horse" as a search within the note? I know it's me, lol - this is such a fundamental part of Evernote, if it didn't work, everyone would be shouting
  8. Okay, I just tried this on the iPhone. Here are the steps I took: From the Evernote home screen, I select All Notes. From there, I tap the magnifying glass, then enter Fred Smith (pretty sure I have no notes with Fred Smith in) Evernote returns 6 matches I select the first match, tap the search, look for Fred - no match Tap search again, look for Smith - no match So why was this record returned as a match? This is the main reason I moved away from Evernote - I'd love to use it, but I simply can't find stuff! Am I the only person with this problem?
  9. Some extra info: I just repeated the search exactly as before, i.e. just the three words. I then did a search within the first returned note for all three words individually, and it couldn't find any of them! So why return it as a hit?
  10. The "all" search works as expected for me & has in all the six years I've been using EN on various platforms. You could try going to a desktop client & exporting one of the notes that is showing up on iOS incorrectly to HTML and/or ENEX & search for all three words in those files to make sure there are no underlying words that cause the note to be a match. IE, when images are OCR'd, they can be a false positive, if EN thinks a particular word may exist in that image. Beyond that, you would need to submit a support ticket & specify what search terms you're using & at least one note that is a false positive. Good luck. I think I must be missing something here. All I'm trying to do is search for any notes that have all three words in them. I believe all I have to do is to enter those three words into the search box on the iPad version of Evernote with no quotes, no modifiers, nothing but the three words I'm looking for. Is that correct? When I do so, I get notes that contain not just all three of the words, but also all notes that contain any of the words. So I'm getting everything back that has, for example, 2011 in the note. In other words, entering just the three words behaves exactly as the blog post describes the behaviour should be when using the ANY modifier, but I'm not using it.
  11. Sorry, I probably didn't explain that too well. I was using the posted example from the blog because, as you say, leaving off the ANY should return only notes containing all three words and I am leaving off the ANY, so I should get only notes with all three words, but I'm getting all notes with any of them, so leaving off the ANY, the search works as if I had indeed used the ANY modifier. To clarify, I'm putting "Astra mot 2012" in the search box, without quotes and without any modifiers, just those three words and I'm expecting to get notes back containing the words Astra AND mot AND 2012 anywhere in the note. If I search using quotes it doesn't return any results because those three words are not all together in any of my notes. Hope this makes sense!
  12. I'm revisiting Evernote as I assumed a lot has changed since I last took a look and I really do want to like it! However, I am immediately hit by the problem that led to me looking for alternatives - finding stuff. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious, but I've checked the FAQ etc and can't find any help. I select All Notes, then I type "Astra mot 2012" (without the quotes) into the search box. What I'm expecting to find is (as per the FAQ) only notes with all three words in them. But no, I get all notes with ANY of those three words, which renders the search useless for me, as I get over 100 results instead of the two or threw I'm expecting. Please do let me know what obvious trick I'm missing here
  13. Same here. Just finished downloading the 2Gb + data, too. Man, Evernote, why do you keep letting me down like this? I've just written a glowing review about how great it's been going after all the problems with earlier versions, and now this. Great. Time to re-visit plain text, I think.
  14. +1 from me, too I'm currently using Drafts to start off notes for Evernote, but native TE support in EN would be great.
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