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Media in Presentation Mode



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Hi.  Are you looking to be able to play a specific file (audio or otherwise) from the note on display,  or to play a background track while paging through a number of notes?  If a general soundtrack is what you require,  can't you get that by starting a playback from one note,  then going on to the next in series while the playback is still going?  -You'd have to have a shortcut back to the starter page to end the playback as required.  If the presentation is on a separate screen,  you could have the music controls open on one screen while the notes are shown on the other...  maybe.  (I'm not a Mac user,  and I don't use my Windows setup this way,  so all of this is mainly untested speculation.  I do remember running through a PDF while it was on screen at some stage,  and PDFs have some audio possibilities too...)

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