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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I'll give it a try; although not sure playback will continue if note is closed. Like the other suggestion of separate screen - that could work.
  2. Would be great to be able to play media (specifically audio) in a presentation, whilst displaying text / image. It would help to re-enforce the message / media; rather than just look at a blank screen.
  3. I have decided, after a much used trial, that the Beta version just isn't ready for public use. Beta has been around a while, but there has been no news on when it will be improved / modified / updated. Too much needed functionality is missing to use it properly. Creating tables is easy, but modifying them is a nightmare. If you need to add rows, the support says to add a table then clear the line between. Not much use, and certainly not a time-saver. Merging is not available, so another reason why we can't use the Beta. I have a Chromebook, so can't use the Windows app, therefore I have reverted to the original web app. I like the design of the Beta, but until the functionality is at the same level or more than the original, then I shall revert back.
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