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Request: Ability to clip local files



Would love the ability to clip local files with Web Clipper. I open and display locally saved html files in Chrome, Firefox, etc... to proof and would like to be able to clip the local file to be able to annotate, save and share.

Current error message when trying to do so:

Chrome - "Due to the restrictions set by the browser, you cannot clip this page."

Firefox - "Sorry, clipping local files is not supported."

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9 hours ago, lombatts said:

Chrome - "Due to the restrictions set by the browser, you cannot clip this page."

This sounds like it's a Chrome thing. It's be nice to know what that really means under the hood.

If you're on Windows or Mac, you can always copy/paste into a note in the respective native client. 

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I've also struggled with this.  I have a script that generates an html file that i want to save to Evernote. In the end I resorted to uploading to a web site and clipping from there. That only works because I have a website I can upload to and the contents of the file are not confidential. I've just discovered option 3 below and that seems to work for my file!

Here are some other possible workarounds. The problem with most of them as that the formatting is messed up. Some of these may only work on Windows. 

1. Copy and paste the contents of the html file into a new note

2. Use the windows upload folder feature. Just place the html file into the folder. This only works if it is a self contained file without links to images etc

3. Use the Evernote windows clipper accessed from the EN icon at the bottom right of the screen.


If you highlight the html file you can then copy it directly into EN using the options found by right clicking the icon. In my experience this is most likely to preserve formatting. It can be achieved quite quickly with ctrl-A to copy and win-shift-A to paste directly into EN





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Maybe I misunderstood the question. But if you have a local HTML file and want to "clip" it to a EN note, you might to define an import folder with Tools -> Import Folders... and simply copy your file to this folder.

EN tracks changes within this folder an automatically imports files to a note before removing the file (because it's saved in EN ;-). Going this way work fine for me because EN displays HTML files directly as note text - not as an attachment.

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This sometimes work - see my suggestion number 2 above. However, in my experience, formatting is not always preserved. Also if the html has links to other files (eg images) you don't get the images in the html document. Using the copying tools within the Windows version of EN, for the files I need to copy, is the most reliable method I've come across so far (see my suggestion 3 above)

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9 hours ago, Jeffrey256 said:

"Due to the restrictions set by the browser, you cannot clip this page."

I did figure out a work-around.

1) Download the file to your drive and save it in word.

2) Open file explorer and drag it to to your EN note.


The handling of html files has changed in V10. You can now have html files as attachments. Provided it is a complete html page with no reliance on external images etc double clicking the attachment will open it in your default browser.

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