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Any experience with Formulate?

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Formulate is a service (add-on? integration?) that facilitates spreadsheet calculations in an Evernote table. There is a website: http://formulate.artpi.net, but the link to the manual doesn't work.

  • Does anyone have experience with Formulate? 
  • Is it still maintained/ developed?
  • are there any other ways to do calculations in a table?

I have tables with calculations and lots of links to other notes. Using a spreadsheet is possible but it would add an extra layer of complexity.

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Thanks for the link.  Formulate is still in beta but it looks like a useful addon 

The description says  

Superpowers for your Evernote

Use spreadsheet formulas in tables to make quick calculations in your notes.

Formulate works in the cloud. Whenever you edit a table in one of your notes, the formulas are recalculated.

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1 hour ago, defietstoerist said:

Using a spreadsheet is possible but it would add an extra layer of complexity.

Just wondering about the aversion to spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet's as file attachments work well for me, especially on my Mac where the data is displayed inline.  Less so on my iPad; IOS has problems with opening file attachments.

I use Apple Numbers (Excel counterpart); it comes free with the Mac/IOS installation)

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