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  1. Good to know that Evernote can be opened even without shortcut. I can live without shortcuts, but they have been around since the invention of Windows some 30 years ago. Why wouldn't they try to keep such a basic, convenient function working properly.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yeah, probably Windows removed the shortcut. But maybe Evernote would be able to detect whether there is a shortcut during installation? And then make a shortcut to the new file. (I really don't know how to do this :-), but i wouldn't be surprised if it's possible)
  3. In Windows 10, I use CTRL + Alt + E to start Evernote. However, every time Evernote gets updated, the shortcut is gone. Maybe you can fix that. Thank you
  4. Just received a message from Artur Piszek, the developer of Formulate: I'm sorry, but the project is totally dead, I shared the source code here : https://github.com/artpi/Formulate Sad to hear this. I'm not a programmer, but hopefully someone has the time and the brains to work on this
  5. Formulate is a service (add-on? integration?) that facilitates spreadsheet calculations in an Evernote table. There is a website: http://formulate.artpi.net, but the link to the manual doesn't work. Does anyone have experience with Formulate? Is it still maintained/ developed? are there any other ways to do calculations in a table? I have tables with calculations and lots of links to other notes. Using a spreadsheet is possible but it would add an extra layer of complexity.
  6. Thank you Gazumped. I will follow the link you suggested.
  7. Dear all, when I type Burmese language into the Windows client, the letters appear as squares. However, I can type Burmese in the Android and browser client. The font I use in Windows is Arial Unicode MS, which is able to show Burmese. Other exotic alphabets like Cambodian, Tibetan and Nepali are no problem. Any suggestions how to use Burmese in the Windows client would be appreciated.
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