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No "spaces" availables

Guest David

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Business User, I've got the 7.02 on mac.

No traces of "spaces" anywhere, neither in the interface nor in the menu :(

How does this feature has to be activated ?


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  • Evernote Staff*

Hey Folks, 

Can you try signing out, quitting the app and signing in again to see if the issue is resolved? 

If you don't mind, please share an activity log with me too. For privacy reasons, I recommend DM'ing me the logs. Information about extracting activity logs can be found here

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  • Evernote Staff*

Ok, so it looks like the Spaces feature is not yet enabled in your accounts. If you'd like to take part of it, I can ask engineering to manually turn it on in a few days. If you'd like to proceed, just DM me your email associated with your Evernote account.

Thanks again, 

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Guest co wind

I cannot see the spaces option either.

Is the functionality available, improved?

how to access it?

I think it could be a good functionality, because the current stack option cannot be shared by users. which is a terrible lack of functionality.

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