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Duplicate Note: Reset created Date

Eduardo Estefano


On the current version, when you duplicate a note, Evernote will maintain the original note's created date. I can see some use cases when this would work correctly, as when you want a perfectly identical note.

However, when you use notes as TEMPLATES, the expected behavior would be to reset the Created Date with the current date.

My request is to create a second "copy" feature:

1 - Copy: copy everything including the created timestamp

2 - Create from template: copy everything except the created date

This could be done with an option as well when duplicating a note.

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Hadn't noticed before but this iOS issue also applies in Android. (I do most of my work on desktop,  including creating new notes from templates exported to ENEX files.)  In achieving parity between desktop and mobile clients,  it would be good if Evernote could add the 'copy' option to mobiles as it exists on desktop,  including the options to preserve (or not) the dates and tags from the original.

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