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widget fails to create note

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I've had this happen a couple times in the past but it just happened spectacularly.  The steps:

1) open widget to take photos.

2) turn on auto rotation (so the pictures arrive the right side up)

3) take about a dozen photos. Each one about 20-30 seconds apart.

4) tap the checkmark at the bottom (after waiting for it to rotate the correct way).

5) try to tap the checkmark at the upper left corner (the note checkmark). It doesn't seem to respond so I let it sit for a minute. 

6) the screen times out so I wake it up and enter my code.  The widget has now closed.  Can't find the note.  

This is with a Samsung NOTE 3 running the next to latest Evernote app.  I just noticed that there was a new update in the past couple weeks so I updated it just now to 7.17.  The version that failed was the one right before this update.   I also looked for the notes on a computer running the Evernote app.  No sign of them.  It looks like the widget just gave up and scrapped the whole set of pictures.  

This failed me 3 or 4 times today.  I'm about to try again after the latest update.  


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Hi.  I run a Note 4 and don't have issues with multiple pictures (I'm adding pics from the 4x4 widget though I rarely get as far as a dozen in one note). 

Does this behaviour occur when you have a good network connection,  or when you're offline?  You could try taking one picture and saving it to the note,  so there's a synced (or at least a saved) base to which you can then add more pictures.  You do then have to find the new note and hit the camera button to add more pictures.  Or you could try opening Evernote and adding a new picture note from the '+' menu so the app is fully open.


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I went back and counted and most of the notes were actually 9-10 pics.  I had the same idea and decided to do 4 photos first, create the new note, and then go back and edit that note to add the rest of the photos.  I was connected to wifi at the time with a decent connection.  Sometimes it drops off for a minute every so often but I've had this issue in other contexts/places as well.  

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Oh, forgot to mention that it happened once more after updating the Evernote app on that day.  I think it might be a photo number issue and/or total RAM use thing.  Keeping the photo count lower for each session seems to avoid the issue.  I just wish the app would warn you.  

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